Two little eyes, one little nose, boy or girl nobody knows

Baby gender reveal basic package

AED 2,450 – USD 570
Please note: the mentioned prices are only valid for Mahe island.
Taxes and transportation fees apply for the other islands. 

Gender reveal package for a tight budget

This package has everything you need for a little cute memorable party

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra

What’s included

✔️ Table decor

– Chalkboard to write the baby’s name

– Blue, pink and white flower arrangements

– Table confetti

✔️ One reveal option

Confetti & streamers cannons


Confetti & powder cannons


Smoke cannons


Giant black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti

❌ Dart ballon pop

You might not get the answer from the first try. But it makes it even better! 

❌ Colored cake filling surprise

This is so exciting! The ordinary cake with a secret inside!

❌ Photographer 1H

What can be better than capturing this moment in a photos? Let us arrange a professional photographer for your special day.

❌ Videographer 1H

If you want to capture the entire event and every single emotion, still shots are not enough. Vote for a professional video! You will say “thank you” to yourself  some years later.

What is required

✔️ Doctor’s email

To organize the party properly we will need an official confirmation of the baby’s gender. The couple should not know about it of course. Surprise! 

what do you get

Who is this package made for?

Our Gender reveal basic package is tailored for the couples planning to get married in Seychelles and expecting a little one.

If you want to make this moment memorable but don’t want to have a big fuss about it, this package is what you are looking for.

Wedding venues

Choose from our carefully selected of venues in Seychelles. Other venues are also available as an extra.

Most common questions
Tropical Seychelles or Dreamy Abu Dhabi – Plan your expat wedding

Many GCC expats have selected Abu Dhabi as the location for their wedding and honeymoon. However, if you are a Muslim, Sharia law prohibits you from marrying. Furthermore, with Ramadan, there are lesser court dates available, increasing your chances of delay to 2 months. You may look on Abu Dhabi marriage websites for more information.

Having a wedding in a tropical environment Seychelles is a good alternative for couples seeking a calm vacation away from the UAE. In this article; we shed light on Seychelles Vs Abu Dhabi for your big day.

Can you marry in Abu Dhabi or Seychelles?

Tourists and expatriates can now marry in Abu Dhabi provided you are not an Emirati. If one of the partners is a UAE resident, you must perform the following procedures before marrying: 

  • To marry in Abu Dhabi, a woman must receive permission from her guardian, regardless of her age. 
  • Then, proceed to the United Arab Emirates Embassy to determine the papers you will require. 

If you feel there are chances that you are not eligible for your wedding in UAE, an beach wedding with your partner in Seychelles would be a better option.

How can a Abu Dhabi marriage company help you

The company can check the following pre-requisites are available before you register for a wedding in Abu Dhabi.

  • Birth certificates are legitimate.
  • Authentic passport.
  • Evidence of UAE residency.
  • Emirates ID is mandatory.
  • A certificate of good health for marriage.
  • A document proving both parties’ marital status.

Conclusion to Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles for your wedding

The UAE adheres to Sharia Law, which stipulates that marriage is the only legal connection that permits a man and a woman to establish a lawful relationship.

Marrying in Abu Dhabi has become rather easy for expats. However, if you want to marry in this magical city, beware it could be a bit time consuming in comparison to marrying in Seychelles. Abu Dhabi websites can make your life a lot easier.

If you want to avoid a court wedding and rather have a calm beach wedding; Seychelles is the go to wedding destination.

Want to get ahead of all your paperwork in Abu Dhabi or in Seychelles, get in touch with our team of planners from Abu Dhabi to guide you better.

Get married on the best packages in a Seychelles Beach Wedding

The exquisite Seychelles islands, maybe the most romantic archipelago in the world. Thus it is an ideal paradise place for a fantasy wedding. Seychelles Beach Wedding ticks all the requirements for a wonderful wedding venue with white sandy beaches, crystalline clear blue seas, and a mild tropical climate, nothing could be better.

Wedding planners realize that it is one of the most significant days of your life and it must be faultless. Whether it is small and quiet, simple and elegant, or huge festivities with your family members and friends, plan it as you want. In this article; we shed light on picking your Seychelles beach wedding packages.

Best time for a beach wedding in Seychelles

If you’re not sure when to be married, the Seychelles beach weddings provides warm, tropical weather all year, making it an excellent choice for a beach wedding. July is the driest month of the year for a delightful holiday wedding in Seychelles, with an average temperature of 27 degrees.

Why choose a Seychelles wedding package

Everything, of course, has a price when it comes to wedding preparation. When shopping for suppliers on your own, it is too simple to fall victim to hidden costs on the final bill. You may be unaware that these extra charges might include delivery, supplier expenditures, hair and makeup trials, admin fees, etc. When you book a wedding package, though, you know exactly how much you will pay. 

Is it kinder to your pocket?

The typical cost of a wedding in Europe or the United States might be staggering. In the United Kingdom, for example, the typical wedding might cost anything from £7,000 to £32,000.

Choosing a Seychelles beach wedding is substantially less expensive. Wedding packages save you money by combining everything into one price.

Easy Wedding Seychelles offers packages to suit every budget, with prices ranging from €600 to €2,250. Even if you desire frills or specific customization, you will still pay far less for your wedding.

Comparing an easy wedding in Bahrain versus Seychelles

The diverse society of the Kingdom of Bahrain is home to different kinds of people. Christians, Hindus, Traditionalists, etc., can be found there. Often, these people are in Bahrain for their businesses. Some have even relocated permanently.

In the course of their stay, expats might see worthy persons whom they consider getting married to. While this is a commendable milestone, it is vital that the couple understand the laws that regulate marriage for non-Muslims in Bahrain. This article considers this and the option of a Seychelles wedding route.

Documentations and procedures required for a wedding in Bahrain

A wedding between two Muslim persons (one of whom must reside in Bahrain) requires the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificates
  • Premarital screening result
  • Letter of Approval from an employer
  • ID cards and divorce certificate if any.

Other vital requirements for a wedding in Bahrain include dowry payment, and obtaining the bride’s approval. These are very important and must be fulfilled before the marriage certificate is accredited and presented to the couple.

Easy wedding in Bahrain versus Seychelles weddings

Couples seek the best and easiest options when planning their marriage. So, rather than going to the embassy or religious houses in Bahrain, couples can look at the possibility of a marriage in Seychelles. Seychelles has simple marriage laws and that can help the couple cut the extra expenses and stress.

A wedding in Seychelles does not require the couple to come with a lot of documents. The process is smooth and fast. On the flip side, the bride and groom do not have to reside in this country before they can marry. It is a very uncomplicated means for marriage.

Seychelles is a great destination for marriage. Expats couples who want to save time and efforts can quickly learn the marital expectations for this wedding route. Book a consultation with our team of experts for more guidance.

Legalization Embassy of Georgia to Canada – Notes for destination marriage aspirants

Seychelles, Georgia, and Canada are all regular spots for marriage, visitation, and other forms of tourism. To enjoy a successful travel experience to any of these countries, it is very important to be familiar with the process of legalizing documents. The legalization Embassy of Georgia to Canada has some expectations from expats.

Document authentication is not required if the destination and home country are members of the Apostille Convention. Georgia and Seychelles are members of the Hague Apostille Convention but Canada is not a member. This article explains the standards for legalization between Georgia and Canada.

How to legalize travel documents in Georgia and Canada

There are no complicated measures for people who want to legalize their documents in Georgia and Canada. Couples should follow the steps below to legalize their documents in Georgia:

  1. Indicate interest by completing an e-application form
  2. Submit certified documents online
  3. Upload passport and ID
  4. Upload the receipt for the legalization payment

The Georgia consulate handles all cases of document authentication. In the same vein, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada handles all cases of document authentication.

Canada also requires applicants to apply to their embassy and pay a set amount to authenticate their documents. The legalization Embassy of Georgia to Canada is clear on the standards for visitors.

Concluding on the need and reason for legalization

To enjoy unhindered access to any of the three countries mentioned above, couples, businessmen, and other travelers should know and follow the right steps. Georgia and Seychelles are signatories to the Apostille Convention on Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Therefore, there are no strict diplomatic requirements for legalization.

Couples who want to go to Canada should adopt extra measures for authentication. A wedding agent is recommended if they need some help during the process.

If you and your mate wish to learn more about a wedding in Seychelles, book a consultation with our wedding team for the best and most reliable guidance.

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