Blue or pink, what do you think?

Baby gender reveal premium package

AED 3,560 – EUR 830
Please note: the mentioned prices are only valid for Mahe island.
Taxes and transportation fees apply for the other islands. 

Gender reveal package to remember

This package has everything you need for a proper celebration

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra

What’s included

✔️ Table decor

– Chalkboard to write the baby’s name

– Blue, pink and white flower arrangements

– Table confetti

✔️ Blue and pink balloon arch

Beautiful ballon arch is a great party accessory. Your photos will look amazing with it.

✔️ Baloons

You can choose between:

Surprise box with the colored balloons filled with helium


Dart Board Balloon Pop

✔️ One reveal option

Confetti & streamers cannons


Confetti & powder cannons


Smoke cannons


Giant black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti

❌ Colored cake filling surprise

This is so exciting! The ordinary cake with a secret inside!

❌ Photographer 1H

What can be better than capturing this moment in a photos? Let us arrange a professional photographer for your special day.

❌ Videographer 1H

If you want to capture the entire event and every single emotion, still shots are not enough. Vote for a professional video! You will say “thank you” to yourself  some years later.

What is required

✔️ Doctor’s email

To organize the party properly we will need an official confirmation of the baby’s gender. The couple should not know about it of course. Surprise! 

what do you get

Who is this package made for?

Our Gender reveal premium package is made for couples getting married in Seychelles and are expecting the arrival of their baby in the nearest future.

If you want to have a special remarkable celebration for this important day, this package is for you.

Wedding venues

Choose from our carefully selected of venues in Seychelles. Other venues are also available as an extra.

Most common questions
Can an unmarried couple live in Dubai?

The simplest answer would be NO!

Here everything you need to know if you are an unmarried couple living in Dubai.

Dubai laws for the unmarried couples living together

Dubai and other emirates in the UAE are governed by Islamic laws known as Sharia laws which forbid two unmarried people of opposite sex to live together. The ‘Tawajed Clause’ prohibits indeed two people from opposite sex to live together without being legally married.

Dubai attracts many tourists and expats from all over the world. No matter if you are visiting UAE as a tourist or if you are a long-term expat, the same law applies for everyone.

Dubai is a regional hub which attracts many people from different countries, origins, orientations and religions. Depending on the reason for being in the city, if someone is inviting his girlfriend or boyfriend to live with, they need to know that it’s illegal. However, most people who are coming to Dubai for a short-stay, like tourists, have no issue at all. Yet, if someone complains or if a couple gets caught by law makers in Dubai, they will be in great trouble and face fine, jail or even deportation. In 2018, a 20 years old man and a 19 years old woman, both Pakistani, ‘were initially charged with having sex out of wedlock, but a medical examination found that they had not, Ajman Criminal Court was told.’

‘A young, unmarried couple have been jailed for a month and will be deported after completing the sentence after they were convicted of living together for three weeks and kissing’

What type of marriages are legal in Dubai?

Not every marriage is considered legal and is accepted by Dubai law. Samesex people, even if legally married back home, will face great difficulty if found in an inappropriate situation in Dubai.

UAE’s laws only recognize heterosexual marriages which have been registered and can be verified with legal certifications if needed. However, no one is going to ask you for a marriage certificate, unless you caught the attention of Dubai’s legislators.

Back home, marriages or religious marriages are only considered legal if you have proper marriage certification in your possession. Same-sex marriages are not recognized in UAE due to the Shariah law, even if a proper and valid certification has been issued in your home country.  

What can you do to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend in Dubai?

Are you considering coming to Dubai ? Are you planning to bring your partner to UAE to live together? You definitely want to know what this would take.

No need to organize a lavish marriage to officialize your relationship in front of the UAE authorities, a marriage certificate is enough to abide by the law. You also do not need to get married in the UAE, if you have a marriage proof from your home country or any other country, this will be enough.

Do you know someone struggling to live in the UAE as an unmarried couple? You can always talk to our team to discuss and find a way out.

Best time to get married in Seychelles
Thinking about an ideal time of the year for a wedding in Seychelles. Though, if you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level, it doesn’t matter which time of the year it is. Let’s take a closer look at the best time to get married in Seychelles.
Abortion in US laws Vs Seychelles regulation

The US news covered headlines about abortion in thousands of newspapers, tv screens, and other places. No American can opt for the biggest overturn in the constitution makes them worried. 

Let’s dive into how this new policy of abortion  in US news affects the people’s liberal lives? Why is this heartless act banned now?

What’s the new update on abortion in US news:

Over half of American women have lost the right to make their own decisions regarding their bodies since the Supreme Court overturned abortion rights. The United States is no longer a safe space for all women who could opt not to have a child if the conditions to bring a child into the world weren’t ideal.

A total of 13 states across the country have trigger laws, while 26 states are scheduled to ban abortion by next month.

Regulations of abortion in Seychelles:

According to Seychelles law, abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy before the foetus reaches the age of viability. It is considered viable when a baby is 26 weeks old or has a birth weight of 800 g. Under the TOP Act 1994, termination of pregnancy is allowed. A woman under 18 must have consent from her parents for an abortion.

The permission of the following three medical practitioners is necessary:

  • Pregnant woman’s doctor who proposes termination of the pregnancy
  • The consultant gynecologist who is going to terminate the pregnancy
  • The Director of Health Services.

Final verdict on abortion in US news capturing the spotlight:

Why do women go for an abortion? Is it her will to do such an act? In some cases, the circumstances have tempted the women to start this procedure. Although Seychelles allows the people whether they abort it or not before marriage, the decision is yours. The process of getting a valid marriage certificate is quite simpler and more convenient than in the US.

Hold up your love of life hands, and solemnize this beautiful day of life. Book an easy-wedding appointment now!

How to get married cheap without traveling – How Can You Get Married if You Can’t Travel to Seychelles?

Seychelles is undoubtedly one of the best places to get married on earth. But the fact of the matter is that not all of the people can travel to Seychelles at the moment. That’s because of the global pandemic (COVID-19) that has restricted countless people to travel. If you are in such a position where you cannot travel to Seychelles but want to get married, you are in the right place. This article contains the most innovative way to get married (How to get married cheap without traveling) that doesn’t require any traveling. Keep on reading to learn how to get married online.

How to get married cheap without traveling?

If you’re not aware of getting married online then fasten your seat belts because it’s actually a thing now (thanks to COVID-19). Although it completely depends upon your current standings, your religions, etcetera.

Religious Weddings Online!

Some of the weddings in religious families are now happening online through Skype or Zoom. But you have to check it up with your country’s laws because in many countries they are not regarded as valid or legal. In simple words, a religious wedding online is more of a street ritual that doesn’t have any real and legal value if your country’s law doesn’t support it.

US Online Weddings

Because of the increasing cases of COVID-19, many states in the US have allowed their citizens to get married online. The couples will receive the real civil wedding certificate upon applying online for a web wedding ceremony. Moreover, the process also needs at least one witness.

Our Online Wedding Solution

Because of the increasing need for people to get married as they can’t go for it due to pandemic, we have come up with an online wedding solution. Regardless of your nationality and religion, you can opt for that if you can’t travel to Seychelles for your wedding. But the process is long, complex, and very expensive and it’s best for only those couples who don’t have any other way to marry.

Important considerations about How to get married cheap without traveling

You have to take the following into account while getting married online with us:

  • There will be no Zoom, web, or online wedding ceremony
  • The process has nothing to do with the religion so you cannot acquire any wedding certificate
  • The marriage registrar and lawyers will carry out the wedding process by checking with the couple’s embassies
  • The process will only start once they receive the status of no objection from the embassy
  • The online wedding process requires only the original passport
  • The wedding certificate that you will receive will be 100 percent legit and valid.

Share this information with your loved ones if they have no other way to get married.

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