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Blue or pink, what do you think?

Baby gender reveal package

From AED 3,560 – USD 970

Gender reveal package to remember

This package has everything you need for a proper celebration

✔️ Included in the current offer
| ➕ Can be added as an extra

What’s included

✔️ Table decor

– Chalkboard to write the baby’s name

– Blue, pink and white flower arrangements

– Table confetti

✔️ Blue and pink balloon arch

Beautiful ballon arch is a great party accessory. Your photos will look amazing with it.

✔️ Baloons

You can choose between:

Surprise box with the colored balloons filled with helium


Dart Board Balloon Pop

✔️ One reveal option

Confetti & streamers cannons


Confetti & powder cannons


Smoke cannons


Giant black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti

Recommended extras

➕ Colored cake filling surprise

This is so exciting! The ordinary cake with a secret inside!

➕ Photographer 1H

What can be better than capturing this moment in a photos? Let us arrange a professional photographer for your special day.

➕ Videographer 1H

If you want to capture the entire event and every single emotion, still shots are not enough. Vote for a professional video! You will say “thank you” to yourself  some years later.

what do you get

Who is this package made for?

Our Gender reveal premium package is made for couples getting married in Seychelles and are expecting the arrival of their baby in the nearest future.

If you want to have a special remarkable celebration for this important day, this package is for you.

Most common questions
Seychelles Marriage for Foreigners: Can we marry in Seychelles if we are of different nationalities?
Expat couples wishing to get married in Seychelles can expect anything beyond perfect for their dream wedding. Partners of different nationalities often find it challenging to overcome legal obstacles trying to get married, but rest assured having a wedding in Seychelles is much easier.
A comparison between two wedding destinations: Seychelles Vs Georgia

Seychelles is a tropical island that is located in East Africa. It is blessed with beautiful beaches, nice landscapes, and good weather. Rains which fall regularly throughout the year add some coolness to the atmosphere. Tourists can also visit mountain resorts within the territory. 

Although a rich African nation, Seychelles is quite expensive to live in. The visiting tourists need to be financially prepared to afford the hotel rooms and food. 

Expats in the GCC nations who wish to get married in a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere might consider Seychelles but Georgia is fast becoming a preferred option. In the course of this article, we will discuss why this is the case.

An overview of marriage in the Seychelles versus Georgia

There are certain reasons why Georgia might be a preferred option for weddings when compared to Seychelles. Below is a consideration of some of the reasons:

  1. Marriage Legislation: Georgia only requires passports, marriage application forms, and the presence of witnesses to have the marriage completed. Although the paperwork in Seychelles is also hassle-free, the expensive cost of things might make Georgia a better option.
  2. Cost: More travel time translates to more travel costs. So, the expats will have to pay more when moving to Seychelles for a destination wedding. Given the high cost of commodities in Seychelles, paying for a wedding setting might also cost more. 
  3. Destination: The distance between the Middle East and Georgia is about 1400 km while the distance from the Middle East to East Africa is about 3000 km. Traveling from any of the countries in the Middle East to Seychelles will mostly consume more time.

Seychelles Vs Georgia to get married easily

When it comes to getting married for expats from different nationalities and religions, both the Seychelles and Georgia offer easy wedding solutions. However; Georgia is definitely more affordable with fewer legal requirements, and greater proximity. The cost of living in Georgia is not overwhelming, so individuals can easily rent a hotel or an outdoor space.

The favorable Georgian climate might also be a reason why many will opt for the country. Nature is another prominent feature in Georgia. The mountains, lakes, and resorts offer a good outdoor space for weddings. Having considered these, we can conclude that Georgia offers prospective couples an excellent way to get married.

If you or a close friend is considering getting married in Seychelles or Georgia, you could book a guidance and counseling consultation with our wedding agency.

How to Have an Islamic Wedding if You Can’t Travel to Get Married in Seychelles?

Seychelles is undoubtedly one of the best places to get married on the whole planet. But we are living in a different world because the COVID-19 is not easy to travel. It has restricted many people where they are living and traveling is not an easy process. If you are in the same situation and can’t travel to Seychelles to get married, you can have another destination wedding. You can have Islamic Wedding in Georgia and if you’re a Muslim then this article is for you. It will inform you about all the important requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get married in Georgia. So, let’s dive into it.

Shall we?

Requirements for Muslim Marriage in Georgia!

Read the following requirements carefully which are the basic ones for Muslims to have an Islamic wedding in Georgia.

  • Both the groom and the bride must have their original passports
  • Both of the spouses must be Muslim with proof
  • The couple must also provide two witnesses with their proof of religion
  • The bride must have the written consent from her father or guardian

And that’s about it. As you can see that the requirements to get married in Georgia are very simple and short. But you have to make sure that you choose the right help. It will allow you to avoid all the unwanted hassle and scenarios that can prolong the wedding process.

Concluding How to Have an Islamic Wedding if You Can’t Travel to Get Married in Seychelles

It’s important to keep in mind that having an Islamic wedding in Georgia is not a very common practice. It’s neither recognized as an official marriage nor a legal union in many countries as well. Therefore, it’s better to have a civil wedding as well to get the wedding certificate that is completely legalized.

If you’re a Muslim and want to get married in Georgia then let us know in the comment section down below. We will get back to you right away.

Packages to plan a dream wedding in Seychelles

Because your spouse has chosen to spend the rest of their life with you, you make every effort to make your wedding the most beautiful and perfect occasion of your life. Giving your spouse the wedding of a dream can ensure that marriage is the most spectacular turning point in your life. You can locate all the attractive sites you require in the middle of Europe and Asia if you want to have it your way! The suggested alternative of Seychelles, which has unquestionably magnificent and mind-blowing locations to look for but can also get heavy on your wallet, can make the strain unbearable when you plan everything down to the last detail. Although there are several packages to plan a dream wedding in Seychelles, Georgia offers the most affordable wedding packages!

Plan a dream wedding in Georgia

Georgia is nearby when you mention all these characteristics, making it easy to plan a simple, quick, romantic, and wonderful wedding exactly how you want it to be. Couples choose an exquisite location with spectacular views for their wedding. There are many of beautiful locations with mountain views, river valleys, beaches, and coasts to discover, as well as a large range of choices. The experience must be specifically created for couples seeking intimacy and the best settings for the right ambiance and a dream wedding where our team will handle everything from top to bottom. 

Plan a dream wedding in Seychelles

With its palm-lined beaches and crystalline waters, Seychelles is an incredibly romantic location and the perfect place to exchange vows. But selecting the best site is only one aspect of creating the optimal proposal. A tropical island paradise, Seychelles features towering granite rock formations, waters that are crystal blue, and beaches fringed with palm trees. People travel from all over the world to Seychelles to visit their beaches. Whether they prefer busy or quiet beaches, long, never-ending stretches of sand, or tiny half-moon places bordered by peculiar stones, couples can choose a beach with crystal-clear water and a tropical vibe that suits their preferences.

Plan your dream wedding by breathtaking views in Georgia


Plan your quick and inexpensive fantasy wedding in the city; you have the choice of organizing a lovely ceremony in Tbilisi, which is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and is also Georgia’s historic capital and home to rivers like the Mtkvari River. Three mountains surround Tbilisi, giving it a spectacular vista of a beautifully blended ancient and modern city. Take your vows surrounded by the mountainous landscapes in the midst of the lush forest.


You can also hold your big day in Mtskheta, one of Georgia’s oldest cities. When opposed to the more frantic pace of Tbilisi, the charming ancient town has a laid-back, rural air. Our team here will handle everything from your wedding arch to the transport to your venue and everything in between.


Both Georgia and Seychelles have the best locations for you to make your wedding as lovely as possible, but it fully depends on the setting you’re searching for to arrange your ideal wedding. The selections available in Seychelles may exceed your budget while still providing the idyllic, tropical atmosphere you seek. Georgia offers reasonable rates and has the advantage of being close to GCC countries, and offers excellent wedding packages.

Contact us right away to learn more about packages to plan a dream wedding in Seychelles or Georgia. Our team is ready to offer you any assistance you require.

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