Our hearts are filled with joy, is it a girl or is it a boy?

Baby gender reveal super package

AED 4,275 – EUR 990
Please note: the mentioned prices are only valid for Mahe island.
Taxes and transportation fees apply for the other islands. 

Gender reveal package for fun lovers

This package has everything you need for a really entertaining party

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra

What’s included

✔️ Table decor

– Chalkboard to write the baby’s name

– Blue, pink and white flower arrangements

– Table confetti

✔️ Blue and pink balloon arch

Beautiful ballon arch is a great party accessory. Your photos will look amazing with it.

✔️ Pinata fun

 Filled with blue or pink confetti! You’ll have to do some work to find out your baby’s gender!

✔️ One reveal option

Confetti & streamers Cannons


Confetti & powder Cannons


Smoke Cannons


Giant black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti

❌ Dart balloon pop

You might not get the answer from the first try. But it makes it even better! 

❌ Colored cake filling surprise

This is so exciting! The ordinary cake with a secret inside!

❌ Photographer 1H

What can be better than capturing this moment in a photos? Let us arrange a professional photographer for your special day.

❌ Videographer 1H

If you want to capture the entire event and every single emotion, still shots are not enough. Vote for a professional video! You will say “thank you” to yourself  some years later.

What is required

✔️ Doctor’s email

To organize the party properly we will need an official confirmation of the baby’s gender. The couple should not know about it of course. Surprise! 

what do you get

Who is this package made for?

Our Gender reveal super package is tailored for the lovebirds planning to get married in Seychelles and having a little +1 on the way.

If you want to have a real party revealing your baby’s gender, this package is for you!

Wedding venues

Choose from our carefully selected of venues in Seychelles. Other venues are also available as an extra.

Most common questions
Latest Update on Unexpected Pregnancy Laws in the UAE

UAE brought new reforms last year regarding unexpected pregnancy laws and many other concerns. But according to lawyers and medical officials, the decriminalized premarital sex rules are not always reflected. Now the unmarried women who are found pregnant are not sent to jail. However, in order to get the official birth certificate and medical insurance, it’s important to provide the official with the marriage certificate. If you have an unexpected pregnancy and are not married in the UAE then continue reading this article till the very end.

Main Points on Unexpected Pregnancy Laws in the UAE

  • Pre-marital sex and cohabitation were decriminalized a few months ago by the newest UAE law.
  • However, marriage certificates still need to be provided to register their babies.
  • Without marriage certificates, unmarried couples may receive health insurance.

The Law Status Still isn’t Clear

The medical insurance and registration of births are two of the most important areas for women with unexpected pregnancies outside the marriage. When a new mother cannot submit the marriage document to issue a birth notice, hospitals can call on the police to make decisions on birth registration with the Personal Status Court. Two lawyers and three hospital employees shared this information.

The official UAE Government website shared the following information in March:

“The man and the woman must be married legally so that their children can receive legal recognition.”

With regard to health insurance, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) policy rules are as follows:

“The maternity insurance cover is not offered for women who are out of wedlock and women who are not capable of carrying a baby.”

It is crucial to highlight that DHA (the Dubai Health Authority) has no intentions to modify these restrictions.

Final Words on Latest Update on Unexpected Pregnancy Laws in the UAE

The official Reuters website shared all this information after performing research and analysis on the latest trends and stats.

Only two options are available. The new regulations may be stringent if the government wishes to make it a religious society. On the other hand, you may expect greater leniency in the future if a more liberal society is what people need.

You can contact us right now to know more about these rules if you are in the same situation.

The Guide to the Wedding Industry: What Instagram Influencers Are Doing Right
Before the whole world went into turmoil with the COVID-19 pandemic the global wedding industry was estimated to be worth over 300 billion dollars and growing every day. So the so-called pandemic hijacked our social life and businesses. It has changed the economic landscape beyond recognition. Inevitably, the big and small businesses shut down, consumers disappeared, the global economy was led down a slippery slope to ruin. Wedding cancellations were spreading like wildfire, and destination weddings were nothing more than a dream. In the end, love conquers all, it is taking on a newer and less expensive meaning.
Seychelles is a Better Place for Foreigners because Marriage in Seychelle Recognized in Saudi

If you know about Seychelles then you must already know that it is one of the best places to get married in the whole world. Not only because of its most efficient and effective wedding process but also due to its majestic wedding venues. It can be a wonderful choice if you are a foreigner living in Saudi Arabia and want to get married. The option we suggest is UAE for expats marriage.

If you have already tried getting married in Saudi Arabia then you would already know that it’s not easy. There is a long list of requirements that you need to fulfill. Keep on reading to find out the most important information that you need to know about foreigners marriage in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for a KSA Wedding

Here is a list of the most important requirements that you need to fulfill if you are a Muslim foreigner living in the KSA.

  • The couple must have a residence permit known and Iqama
  • The female must obtain permission from her sponsor in a written form
  • The couple must agree to the marriage terms and conditions
  • Every religious practice for the wedding must be performed and the couple must agree to them
  • A couple of witnesses with the approval letter
  • A premarital medical test must be provided
  • The couple or their representatives must be physically present
  • The father or guardian of the bride must also be present

Requirements for Non-Muslim Foreigners

The best way to get married for non-Muslim foreigners in the KSA is to go for an embassy wedding. It can take a lot of time as well depending upon your nationality. Moreover, now it has become even more difficult because of the global pandemic.

Final Word on Seychelles is a Better Place for Foreigners – Marriage in Seychelle Recognized in Saudi

It’s better to go for a destination wedding such as getting married in Seychelles. If you really cannot travel then we recommend you opt for an online wedding.

Share this information with your loved ones living in Saudi Arabia as Foreigners to save their day.

How much does a Seychelles wedding cost?

Seychelles for a tropical wedding is a true fairy tale for many beach-loving couples – Consider a warm island breeze, clear blue skies, and the presence of your closest loved ones.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re thinking about saying “I do” in a faraway paradise. We’ve highlighted everything you need to know about how much would a Seychelles wedding cost.

Wedding in Seychelles

Getting married in Seychelles has its share of advantages rather than a typical ceremony in your hometown. Beach destination weddings provide breathtaking views and images, as well as remarkable savings and planning convenience (especially when you work with an expert wedding specialist).

While a beach wedding on the sand may appear to be costly, these lavish wedding celebrations are not always so. When you have your wedding on the beach, you have a lot of the work done for you because you have a naturally stunning background and an inherently romantic environment.

Average cost for a wedding in Seychelles

For couples considering a foreign destination wedding, the low cost alone is highly appealing. A wedding in Dubai can cost anywhere from $81,000 (Dh300,000) to $136,000 (Dh600,000) (Dh500,000); on the other hand, a wedding in the Seychelles can cost anything between 16,000 Seychellois Rupees (about US $1,330). This could go upwards to120,000 Seychellois Rupees (approximately US $10000), depending on what you want to do.

Additional savings on products such as décor and roses that would otherwise be expensive. Beach weddings are also more casual than traditional weddings, which means less money spent on a wedding gown and other apparel.

Beach wedding resorts are well-equipped for destination weddings, with the majority of them offering all-inclusive wedding packages to suit any style or budget.

Seychelles wedding package cost

A wedding in the Seychelles can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, and it can be tailored to the couple’s specific wants and desires. The important thing to remember is not to overspend simply because you have the cash.

Set your wedding budget aside and then choose the best wedding package to get married in Seychelles. From simple paperwork marriages to a lavish customized theme wedding; the country has a lot to offer. The final choice is all yours!

If you are struggling to understand the cost for a wedding in Seychelles; and would love some support from us; please do not hesitate to book a consultation!

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