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Get married in seychelles over the next uae holiday

Get married in Seychelles over the next UAE holiday

The UAE is a one stop destination for many expats who come to work there. this makes it incredible difficult to take time off your busy schedules even to get married. But you might not need to wait any longer; with the next long holiday in UAE on the horizon.

If you’ve always wanted to have a wedding over a long weekend; now’s the time. While you might consider making certain concessions to accommodate guests, such as finding inexpensive lodging or preparing a weekend of activities to maximize their travel efforts, this is your day, and it should reflect your vision. Your loved ones who wish to commemorate your marriage will undoubtedly attend.

Next holiday in UAE

While UAE has very limited holidays throughout the year; this one would be final long weekend holiday for 2021. This also means; all your plans need to be packed in these days.

The official holidays in the UAE will be 1st – 3rd December to commemorate Commemoration Day and UAE National Day, respectively. Because December 1 falls on a Wednesday, you will get four days off over the holiday.

Getting married in Seychelles for UAE residents

Seychelles is one of top wedding destinations for many UAE residents. If you have dreamt about getting married on the tropical beaches it can come true. It is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic locations on the planet.

Get married on a lonely white beach with turquoise and dazzling ocean. Without a doubt, you will have the best day of your life!

Final verdict on choosing Seychelles to marry over the next UAE holiday

While UAE has a lot to offer over the long weekend and might seem like the ideal choice. Let’s be honest most venues would be already booked months in advance plus getting a date from the Dubai court might not be ideal at the end hour. And finally; you wedding will not feel like a quick getaway.

On the other hand; apart from the tropical islands Seychelles has a lot more to offer.

Confused about planning your wedding in Seychelles over the long weekend in Dubai; book a consultation with our wedding team.

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