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The best destination to marry- Dubai Vs Seychelles

The best destination to begin a new life: Dubai or Seychelles

Dubai marriage is known for its grand celebrations, including pre-marriage and post-marriage functions. If you are in Dubai and looking for wedding places in Dubai, you will not be disappointed in making the perfect selection of wedding venues. There are several wedding destinations here where you can explore each aspect while selecting the venue. 

However with that said, getting married in Dubai is far more complicated than marrying in Seychelles. In this article; we shed light on the requirements to get married in Dubai or choosing Seychelles for your wedding option.

Requirements to get married in Dubai 

UAE’s law identifies marriage as a legal contract between a couple, aimed at protecting the rights of the couple and their children.

Some of the pre-marital general requirements regarding how to marry in Dubai include:

  • Approval of the bride
  • In Dubai, at least one party to the marriage contract (either husband, wife, or wife’s guardian) must have a residence visa in the UAE.
  • In other emirates, the couple must be UAE residents.
  • A positive pre-marital screening certificate is mandatory. It must be issued from the concerned public healthcare facilities in the UAE.

Your wedding in Seychelles

If you compare with the requirements in Dubai, having a wedding in Seychelles is far more convenient especially for those couples that belong to different religion and nationalities. 

Moreover if a secluded tropical beach wedding is something you have always dreamed off; then Seychelles would be ideal for you.

So make sure that all get all the paperwork completed to get legally married in Dubai or in Seychelles. 

Keen to know about these wedding destinations; we suggest you book a call with our team.

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