Extra Packages tailored for the GCC residents with love

If you are not only planing to get married but also expecting a new little family member, these packages are for you.

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Gender reveal basic package

AED 2,450 – USD 670

A little celebration for the big day

Get everything you need to have a little sweet party for your baby’s gender reveal!

What is included

  • Table decor ✔️
  • One reveal option: ✔️

          – Confetti & streamers cannons OR

          – Confetti & powder Cannons OR

         – Smoke cannons OR

          – Giant black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti

What is required:

  • Doctor’s email ✔️

Gender reveal premium package

AED 3,560 – USD 975

A gender reveal party to remember

Get everything you need to have a memorable party of revealing your baby’s gender!

What is included

  • Table decor ✔️
  • Blue and pink balloon arch ✔️
  • One reveal option: ✔️

          – Confetti & streamers cannons OR

          – Confetti & powder Cannons OR

          – Smoke cannons OR

          – Giant black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti

What is required:

  • Doctor’s email ✔️

Baby gender reveal super package

AED 4,275 – USD 1,170

A great party for fun lovers

Get everything you need to have a great and fun party to celebrate your baby’s gender reveal!

What is included

  • Table decor ✔️
  • Blue and pink balloon arch ✔️
  • Surprise box with the colored balloons filled with helium OR Dart Board Balloon Pop ✔️
  • One reveal option: ✔️

          – Confetti & streamers cannons OR

          – Confetti & powder Cannons OR

          – Smoke cannons OR

          – Giant black balloon filled with blue or pink confetti

What is required:

  • Doctor’s email ✔️
Most common Wedding questions
Civil Marriage in Seychelles: Is a civil wedding in Seychelles legit?
Planning a wedding in Seychelles, a ceremony with elegance and finesse for your dream day in the paradise island. At the same time did your mind ponder over the thought if the civil wedding in Seychelles is legit? Don’t think too much we shall have all your inhibitions taken care of.
How to get married in Dubai for foreigners
A lot of foreigners or expats in Dubai are used to having to prepare a plethora of documents just to be able to live legally in the city. This is significant especially for couples who are looking to settle down in Dubai as paperwork for marriage can be finalized up to a year.
Easy wedding Online vs Seychelles – The best choice for would-be couples

Simple wedding options abound but couples can compare these to know what is right for them. The online wedding has gained some ground in recent times. This is because of the rise in the use of technology and changing global conditions caused by the pandemic.

Seychelles is also a wedding destination that many people have taken advantage of. The country’s receptive nature might be a reason for this. This text compares the Online and Seychelles marriage options to help expats make better marriage choices.

Descriptions of the Online and Seychelles wedding

Online and Seychelles weddings are top on the list of easy marriage options. However, a couple who chooses an online wedding should expect to meet certain requirements. Key expectations include:

  1. Submission of key documents online.
  2. Presence of the couple, their witnesses, and the marriage officer.
  3. Availability of a sound video conference device.

Soft copies of these documents should be uploaded online;

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Passport copies
  3. Government-approved IDs and
  4. The marriage application form.

After submitting their documents, the body in charge of the wedding will fix a date that will require the presence of the couple and their witnesses.

A Seychelles wedding also has achievable requirements. The only principal difference is the fact that the couple has to be physically present to finalize the wedding. However, many things can make a wedding in Seychelles exciting. This country is blessed with enticing natural environments, good food, a smooth marriage registration system, and hospitable people. All of these ensure that the couple will have a memorable wedding experience.

Should expat couples pick the Online or Seychelles marriage route?

An online wedding comes with many benefits that the couple can be grateful for. First, they will save time, effort, and resources that would have been spent on transporting the couple and their friends to the wedding destination. In the end, the couple will have a genuine and valid certificate. However, a wedding in Seychelles also has its unique advantages.

A Seychelles union is great for couples who want to experience captivating environments and amazing fellowship with friends and relatives. The beautiful beaches and the bright and sunny environments provide optimum wedding conditions. The legal process of sealing a union in Seychelles is fast so the couple can plan their affairs within their budget and time limit.

Foreign couples from different parts of the world can enjoy the benefits of a wedding in Seychelles. To learn more about this destination, book a consultation with experts in our wedding agency who will explain the right way to go about this.

How to get married in Dubai in time of Corona virus? [Updated 03/08/20]

UAE & Dubai weddings are called off due to Covid-19 outbreak

As most of you may have already heard about it, wedding ceremonies are cancelled in Dubai because of the coronavirus. You can read more about it in thenational.ae.

This has a direct impact on a lot of people who were planning to tie the knot in Dubai in March & April 2020. As we can easily imagine, a lot of couples will be affected by it.

Is there a way to get married in Dubai during the corona virus?

Well, as you can imagine, Dubai authorities have completely banned wedding ceremonies previously, in an ongoing effort to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 in the UAE. Later it has been announced that couples can say their “I do” online via the conference call, but they have to submit all the required documents (including the medical screening) prior to the online ceremony. Grand wedding celebrations are prohibited as of today.

The embassies are slowly reopening for the civil weddings at the moment, however they still don’t work at full capacity and it’s going to take some time to register a marriage there.

Not being able to travel or to marry within the country, the UAE residents had to learn their lesson in a tough way. Not everything goes as it’s planned.

What alternatives are there to get legally married in Dubai during the corona outbreak?

But let’s be positive there is still hope!

Due to the current circumstances a lot of people have been looking for alternatives to get married in other countries.

Until mid-march, you could have flown from Dubai to Seychelles or Georgia. Then all the borders were closed for months. But now, as countries start reopening slowly but surely, the wedding solutions are getting closer.

Option A – Get married as soon as Georgia borders reopen

Step 1 – Make sure, you are allowed to travel from Dubai to Georgia

Get the latest travel updates from Georgia

Georgia has already opened its borders for 5 European countries. The UAE residents and citizens are currently not allowed to enter Georgia, however the country announced that they are going to open the borders for all nationalities and countries on September 1.

From the IATA website make sure to check the latest requirements and updates regarding travels to & from Georgia https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news.htm

Once the borders are open you are good to go! You will be able to travel to Georgia and Easy Wedding Georgia team will be handling all the paperwork to you after you leave. Do not hesitate to double-check directly on their Facebook chat https://www.facebook.com/tavgeorgia/

Get the latest travel updates from Dubai

As Dubai has officially opened its borders for residents and tourists on July 7th, there will be no problem coming back home after your wedding, following a certain procedure (applying for the permit if you are resident and presenting a negative COVID-19 PCR test for both residents and tourists). However, we suggest to check the updates regularly.

From the Dubai airport website, you will have the latest news regarding travels to & from Dubai https://www.dubaiairports.ae/alert . Alternatively, you can also contact Dubai airport directly on facebook https://www.facebook.com/DXB/

Get the latest travel updates directly from the IATA website

You can also directly have a look into the official IATA website https://www.iata.org/en/pressroom/ they release regular updates regarding the travel bans and other restrictions.

Step 2 – Prepare yourself for an express wedding in Georgia

Marry in Georgia in 1 day only

Due to the regular changes from the UAE & Georgian authorities our best advice will be to go as soon as possible and stay as little as possible. Our recommendation is to reach Georgia on the first flight at 3am, and flying out on the same day at 11pm.

Get all the paperwork and process ready before you leave

Before you take any step, our team will make sure that all is safe for you to travel. Once we confirm that all is good, we will prepare the paperwork using only your passport copy. The day you land our team will be with you from the pickup until the drop off to the airport to make sure we do it in 1 or 2 days maximum.

Step 3 – Get ready to enter Georgia

What to bring if you want to marry in Georgia in 1 day during the corona outbreak

The Georgian border police is currently playing very safe and deporting anyone not able to justify their last trips. Before flying we strongly advise you to bring

  • Entry and exit certificate in English made by the border police of your residence country
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • A health certificate issued by a doctor in the UAE and translated in English mentioning that you are corona free. If possible made 24h maximum before the flight http://www.dha.gov.ae/en/pages/dhahome.aspx

How to get an entry & exit certificate before flying from Dubai?

You can request an entry and exit certificate in English directly from the police office in the airport. Make sure to get it in English & stamped. This will be the official proof local authorities may ask before you enter Georgia.

Option B – Get married in Seychelles

Seychelles opened the borders for the UAE residents on August 1st. It is safe to fly there now as long as you follow all the necessary precautions, like:

  • prepare negative COVID-19 PCR test
  • book an accommodation, certified by the Public Health Authority of Seychelles
  • submit all the travel documents to the Emirates airline (the only operating airline to Seychelles currently)

To help you get married in Seychelles our team will provide all the necessary documents and information. We strongly recommend to contact us before planning your trip as there is a certain procedure to follow, that can be done easily with the professional help, but can get very messy if you try to do it on your own.


As you can see, time is running against couples trying to marry this season. Nobody knows how the situation will evolve. All we can tell you is that getting married is already possible. So if you are in a hurry, you can fly to Seychelles and if you can wait – Georgia will be open soon too.

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