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Home PCR test services

600 AED / 165 USD per couple in Dubai*

*when booking our wedding services
** extra charge for other emirates

COVID-19 test in the comfort of your home

This service is designed for the busy couples or for people who simply are not willing to be exposed to a potential danger going to the hospital but need to have their COVID test done before their wedding in Seychelles.



✔️ High Quality

Using High Throughput automated systems for Extraction and PCR, and by using kits having CE & IVD Certifications.

✔️ Best Technology

COVID-19 PCR test detects N, E, S and confirmatory RdRp and ORF 1 ab genes through State-of-the-art Equipment and Technology. All positive cases are reconfirmed by testing with a different kit.

✔️ Turn Around Time

MOH approved testing and the results are available within 12 hrs

✔️ Time saving

You don’t need to waste your time going to the hospital. The team comes to you and gets the test done right at your home.

Documents to submit before your wedding in Seychelles:

✔️ Negative PCR test

The test has to be done not more than 48 hours before departure from the UAE. We advise to calculate the timing carefully.

✔️ Accommodation booking

According to the regulations you are required to book an accommodation from the list of certified by Public health Authority properties. 

✔️ Flights booking

Emirates is currently operating flights to Seychelles 5 days a week. Make sure to catch one! 

✔️ Insurance with the COVID-19 coverage

The easiest option is to purchase the insurance offered by the airline while booking your tickets. 

If you have some other options, it is also fine. You just need to make sure that it does cover COVID-19 related issues.

✔️ Travel authorization to Seychelles

Once all your documents and PCR test are ready you need to submit the application to enter Seychelles. This would be the last step before traveling and the confirmation usually doesn’t take long. 

what do you get

Who is this service for

“If you can’t beat them, join them”, – the famous saying goes. We were hoping that the infamous Coronavirus will pass just like any other flu, and life will get back to normal.

A few month later we learned that living with the Corona restrictions is the new normal. The virus is here to stay. And our mission is to stay safe and follow the regulations.

Travelers all over the world are required to undergo a mandatory PCR testing before traveling.

And you do need to have your test done before getting married in Seychelles also. This service is for people who are looking for an easy way to deal with it.

Most common questions

What do UAE residents need to know to get married in Seychelles during COVID-19?

After being on pause for so many days, our lives have finally started resuming. We can travel, we can socialize, and we can get married! And not just anywhere but in a paradise island country of Seychelles!

An insight into the life and work of wedding photographer in Seychelles –Marco Pross

I am in conversation with Marco Pross, a wedding photographer who loves working in Seychelles. Marco has helped couples amass the exquisite memories for a lifetime. Mr. Pross started his journey in Italy and ever since has been in love with his work as a wedding photographer with his favorite place being Seychelles. This adept individual feels Seychelles is an amazing wedding destination as it possesses an ornamental beauty adorned with dense flora and shimmering white beaches with blue water.

Top 5 Spots for a Perfect Wedding Photoshoot in Seychelles

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most significant days of your life. You do everything to make it as much memory as possible by taking hundreds and thousands of photos. Some of the perfect moments for photos occur during the reception or the ceremony. But the fact is that the best of all the perfect photos are captured on an exclusive wedding photoshoot. That’s why finding the right spots for a perfect wedding photoshoot is important.

Keep in mind that hiring a professional and expert photographer in Seychelles for a wedding is essential. Otherwise, you’ll end up without focus photos that will make you feel nothing except a feeling of regret.

Spots for a Perfect Wedding Photoshoot in Seychelles

If you have scheduled your wedding in Seychelles, then there’s good news. Seychelles offers plenty of amazing wedding photoshoot spots that will take your breath away. Moreover, hire a professional photographer who is flexible enough to provide bespoke services and understand your requirements. After that select one of the following spots for a perfect wedding photoshoot in Seychelles.

Anse Source D’Argent – In La Digue is our first Spot for a Perfect Wedding Photoshoot

It is also one of the best beaches in Seychelles and it also tops the world’s most stunning strands list. It’s an ideal location for the brides who want to incorporate natural or rustic style into their photoshoot. We recommend you to schedule your wedding photo session in the evening or morning for the perfect lighting. It’s also equally important that you find a photographer in Seychelles for a wedding that can handle nature and water reflections.

Our Second Pick is L’Union Estate – In La Digue

Standing with your partner on the sand on the beach is undoubtedly one of the most romantic experiences. That’s why many couples find L’Union Estate, La Digue as a perfect spot for their wedding photoshoot. We recommend you to wear a white flowing gown. It will blow and appear perfectly in the photos that add more character to romance. The best time for a photo session is the golden sunset hour.

Anse Lazio – In Praslin Island is Our Third Pick

In our opinion, Anse Lazio is by far the most romantic place in Seychelles for a wedding photo session. It’s a perfect place to capture candid photos with the sun setting as a stunning backdrop. The beauty of its smooth boulders, vividly turquoise water, and Takamaka trees is second to none. In order to capture the entirety of this location, we recommend you to ask your photographer to use wide-angle lenses.

Anse Georgette – In Praslin Island is Our Fourth Pick

A perfect location takes your wedding photography to another level. There’s no wonder why many couples find Anse Georgette to be enticing for their wedding photoshoot. This spot qualifies for our best wedding photoshoot spots because of its calmness and peace along with breathtaking beauty.

Last But Not Least is Silhouette Island – In Northwest of Mahé

If you want to add an artistic touch then there is no better place to schedule your wedding photo session other than Silhouette Island. It’s one of the most beautiful and third-largest archipelago islands. The ideal time to schedule a wedding photoshoot is when the sun is going down.

Concluding Five Spots for a Perfect Wedding Photoshoot in Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most preferred places to get married especially for the couples living in UAE. It offers everything that you need for a perfect wedding photo shoot.

So, which is your favorite spot for a wedding photoshoot? Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

Is Seychelles the best option to Get Married for the UAE residents during COVID?

If you’re living in Dubai and looking forward to getting married, then you’re at the right place. The coronavirus just like other things has made it difficult even to get married in Dubai. That’s why we have come up with this article that contains some of the different methods that you can acquire to get married that you might not already know.

Choose Seychelles as Your Wedding Destination to Get Married During COVID-19

If you find it difficult to get married by staying in Dubai (which you most probably do) then opt for Seychelles to get married. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to get married especially for Dubai residents. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to spend five days of quarantine upon reaching Seychelles but you can even get married at that time. Although, there won’t be any wedding ceremony, just the paperwork. But you can opt for that if you don’t have enough time. Moreover, another good option is to plan your honeymoon along with your wedding package as well. Not only will it save you money, but it will allow you to spend an everlasting time with your partner.

Besides, you can still have your grand ceremony upon the complexion of quarantine if you choose to stay longer or you can fly back home any time without waiting for the quarantine to be over.

Travel to Georgia!

Of course, Georgia is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get married. But if you want to opt for that, you’ll have to wait for a little time. It is expected that the Georgian borders will open in February 2021. They are currently closed because of the COVID-19. If you can wait and want to get married on a budget then consider waiting a little more.

Choose to Get Married in Dubai/UAE Court!

If you can spare several days from your job then your best bet is to get married in Dubai court. It is a long and costly procedure but you can complete all the requirements while continuing your daily routine.

Use the Power of Online Attorney!

If you can even spend even a little time to complete your paperwork then you should opt for an attorney to get married. It will cost you a pretty penny but our lawyers will do all the complicated work for your wedding.

Verdict on Getting Married in Dubai While COVID-19 is Still Out there!

Well, every darkest sky has a shining ray, but what we do during the storm matters. You must not feel overwhelmed due to the devastation of COVID-19 because we always make our way. And these are some of the best ones that you can choose to get married during COVID-19.

IF you know someone who is trying to find a suitable way to get married during COVID-19 while living in Dubai, then solve their problem by sharing this information with them.

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