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Abortion in US laws Vs Seychelles regulation


The US news covered headlines about abortion in thousands of newspapers, tv screens, and other places. No American can opt for the biggest overturn in the constitution makes them worried. 

Let’s dive into how this new policy of abortion  in US news affects the people’s liberal lives? Why is this heartless act banned now?

What’s the new update on abortion in US news:

Over half of American women have lost the right to make their own decisions regarding their bodies since the Supreme Court overturned abortion rights. The United States is no longer a safe space for all women who could opt not to have a child if the conditions to bring a child into the world weren’t ideal.

A total of 13 states across the country have trigger laws, while 26 states are scheduled to ban abortion by next month.

Regulations of abortion in Seychelles:

According to Seychelles law, abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy before the foetus reaches the age of viability. It is considered viable when a baby is 26 weeks old or has a birth weight of 800 g. Under the TOP Act 1994, termination of pregnancy is allowed. A woman under 18 must have consent from her parents for an abortion.

The permission of the following three medical practitioners is necessary:

  • Pregnant woman’s doctor who proposes termination of the pregnancy
  • The consultant gynecologist who is going to terminate the pregnancy
  • The Director of Health Services.

Final verdict on abortion in US news capturing the spotlight:

Why do women go for an abortion? Is it her will to do such an act? In some cases, the circumstances have tempted the women to start this procedure. Although Seychelles allows the people whether they abort it or not before marriage, the decision is yours. The process of getting a valid marriage certificate is quite simpler and more convenient than in the US.

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