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Easy wedding Dubai versus Seychelles- The benefits and challenges

Easy wedding Dubai versus Seychelles- The benefits and challenges

Dubai has grown to be a thriving economy in recent years. This is why people from different walks of life visit and relocate to this emirate. Also, Dubai is accommodating so expats can do their business without hindrance from the government.

Since Dubai has all of these benefits, many also think that marriage for non-Muslims is easy in this emirate. As we will see in the course of this post, there are many requirements for non-Muslim marriage in Dubai. We will also look at Seychelles and the factors that make it a pretty easy country to marry in.

Criteria and documentation for a Dubai wedding

There are certain criteria that couples must meet if they want to marry in Dubai. First, the two individuals must meet the legal age of 18 before considering marriage. Also, none of them should be two times the age of the other. Consent is important so the bride must give her approval of the marriage.

Another criterion that must be met is the presence of witnesses. The bride’s father or his representative should be present along with two male witnesses. The couple will also have to submit the results of their pre-marriage medical screening before the Sharia court. An approved public health institution will conduct the test.

It is important to note that these rules apply to Muslims. Non-Muslims can only marry in their religious houses and embassies. Later, they will have to authenticate their marriage before the Public Notary. To bypass the long process, they could also go to Abu Dhabi where there is a civil family court for marriage.

Why choose Seychelles instead of Dubai?

As seen in the foregoing, the option of court marriage is not available for non-Muslims in Dubai. To this end, they can consider Seychelles which is known for its easy marriage laws and processes. Seychelles requires a passport, birth certificate, and evidence that a former marriage has ended. Of course, a marriage application form will be bought and filled up.

Marriage on the beautiful islands and beaches of Seychelles will be colorful and memorable. Having understood the procedures for marriage in Dubai, couples who still want a destination wedding can consider Seychelles. The process is time-saving and seamless.

If you are an expat who likes the idea of a wedding in Seychelles, contact a wedding expert who will guide you. Our responsive team of experts is ready to explain all there is to know. Book a consultation with them for further guidance.

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