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Easy Wedding in Seychelles for Saudi expats

Easy Wedding in Seychelles for Saudi expats

Marriage in Saudi Arabia is a holy and blessed event in any couple’s life. Getting married in Saudi can be a tad complicated and lengthy of a process of your big day if you’re an expat.

The complexities might further increase if you belong to a different religion or nationality. In this article we discuss how a wedding in Seychelles could be the answer you are looking.

Why is getting married in Saudi Arabia difficult for expats?

Saudi Arabia does not offer lenient laws for interfaith expat couples to get married. It is a long and challenging process. Your embassy can guide you if getting married in Saudi is your only option.

An easy wedding destination alternative for Saudi expats

To legalize a wedding in Saudi Arabia can be inconvenient. Seychelles is the perfect alternative. In the interior of sapphire waters with beautiful views and lavish hotels. A dream wedding on the immaculate beaches of Seychelles makes the wait for your big day worth it. The captivating scenery is also surprisingly cheap to enjoy.

Documents required for an easy wedding in Seychelles:

  • Authenticated copies of Passports for bride and groom
  • Authenticated birth certificate for bride and groom
  • Authenticated Divorce certificates/death certificate (for the previous spouse) – if applicable
  • Registering by filling out an online form or calling the Civil Status office

The government of Seychelles requires the couple to be present in the Civil Status office. Civil Status office should be informed a week earlier, if you want to get married at home.

Why have an easy wedding in Seychelles as a Saudi expat?

Located in East Africa, surrounded by lush plant life, you can have an easy and cheap wedding you’ve dreamt of. The convenience provided by Seychelles laws will not get in the way of dimming the light of romance on your big day.

For more details on an easy wedding in Seychelles, book a call with our team now.

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