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fast marriage intercaste wedding in seychelles

How to plan a fast inter-caste wedding in Seychelles for UAE residents

Dubai is regarded for being one of the safest cities in the world, in addition to its tremendous economic expansion. People from all over the world consider Dubai to be an ideal place to live because of the opportunities and high level of living. In fact, an increasing number of people are migrating to Dubai to make a living.

As a result, it’s no surprise that interfaith marriages are highly frequent in Dubai. Remember that observing the law in Dubai is crucial, especially for expats, if you don’t want to face any unpleasant consequences. Here’s a few ideas on how Seychelles could fit the bill right for your fast inter-caste wedding.

UAE laws for intercaste wedding

A Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman if she is “of the book,” according to Islamic Law. This means that faiths like Christianity and Judaism are tolerated. If the woman is not “of the book,” she must convert to Islam in order for the marriage to be recognised.

If a non-Muslim man wishes to marry a Muslim lady, he must convert to Islam in order for the marriage to be accepted. Such tough laws; makes it really difficult for interfaith couples to stick to their faith while being bonded in marriage.

Getting married in Seychelles for UAE intercaste expats

On the flipside; Seychelles makes it relatively easier for expats to come over and get married. The list of documents required would be as follows:

  • Both parties’ birth certificates
  • If you’re widowed, then the death certificate of the prior spouse.
  • If applicable, divorce certificates
  • Both parties’ passports must be in good condition.
  • A properly completed marriage application

Choosing Seychelles over UAE

Marrying in Dubai is not impossible; as long as you meet the requirements. However if you do not want to change your religion or modify your tastes; then it is nearly impossible to marry.

However, there is still hope for couples who practice different religions; with Seychelles being one of those liberal countries.

If you are a UAE resident; contemplating if Seychelles is the right place to get married ? Do not hesitate to book a consultation with us and allow us to make it a hassle free process.

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