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Getting married in Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles

Getting married in Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles

Experiencing life in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is unlike anything else. The Gulf nation has plenty to offer, including a diverse population, and no income tax. Thankfully, moving everything you own halfway around the world isn’t that difficult.

This explains why many expats around the world move to the UAE and consider getting married there. Until recent times; marrying in the UAE wasn’t very easy. Which is why many couples opted for destination weddings in Seychelles or Georgia which were more acceptable.

In this article; we shed light on new marriage laws in Abu Dhabi, getting married there VS getting married in Seychelles

New Marriage Laws in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, released new rules for civil marriage, divorce, inheritance, and child custody for non-Muslims on Sunday (November 7).

Non-Muslim parents will now be able to enjoy joint custody of their children, according to a decision signed by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. The new law, which is said to have 20 provisions, also embraces the concept of civil marriage, allows for the creation of wills that provide inheritance to whoever a person desires, and addresses paternity difficulties.

The new set of laws, according to Abu Dhabi’s Judicial Department, will provide a flexible and advanced judicial structure for determining personal status disputes for non-Muslims.

Requirements to get married in Abu Dhabi

Before we dive into the requirements of getting married in Abu Dhabi; one must note these regulations only apply to Abu Dhabi, one of the seven sheikhdoms that make up the United Arab Emirates. Despite the fact that Dubai is home to the majority of the Gulf state’s population.

To learn more about the requirements of getting married in Abu Dhabi; we recommend couples keep an eye for the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department to stay up to date with the newest documents.

Requirements to get married in Seychelles as an expat

In comparison to getting married in any of the GCC countries; Seychelles as always been more welcoming to expat marriages. Moreover; many expats that wish to escape the desserts and experience the tropical wedding often fly down to Seychelles and get married,

More on the documents required to get married in Seychelles can be found on the official Seychelles embassy. It is important that couples; look through these requirements and alternatively consult with a expat wedding specialist company.

Final Verdict of getting married in Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles

Most couples have very different marriage situation; hence it would be very difficult for us to decide whether Abu Dhabi or Seychelles which would be more suitable. However what we can recommend is making a quick call to the team; and understanding which of these countries would best work for you.

Confused between getting married in Abu Dhabi and Seychelles; our team is ready help you make your decision.

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