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Getting married in UAE VS Seychelles – Tips and Advice


Many expats live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but getting married is extremely difficult due to the strict marriage regulations. 

Due to the tough marriage laws in Abu Dhabi; many GCC couples and expats preferred getting married in Seychelles. While the new marriage laws have certainly eased; for marriage in Abu Dhabi as a non-Muslim; you could still face lotta challenges if any of the partners is a Muslim.

On the flip getting married in Seychelles is a lot easier and weddings can be legalized in the UAE.


Tourists and expatriates can now marry in Abu Dhabi provided you are a non-Muslim. If one of the partners is a UAE resident, you must perform the following procedures before marrying: 

  • To marry in Abu Dhabi, a woman must receive permission from her guardian, regardless of her age. 
  • Then, proceed to the United Arab Emirates Embassy to determine the papers you will require. 
  • The marriage of two non-Muslims can take place at a church, temple, or the Abu Dhabi embassy, depending on their faith. You will need to go to one of the UAE’s health centers and get evaluated by a doctor. When you are married, you must submit this certificate.

If you feel there are chances that you are not eligible for your wedding in UAE, a beach wedding with your partner in Seychelles would be a better option.


Everything, of course, has a price when it comes to wedding preparation. When shopping for suppliers on your own, it is too simple to fall victim to hidden costs on the final bill. You may be unaware that these extra charges might include delivery, supplier expenditures, hair and makeup trials, admin fees, etc. When you book a wedding package, though, you know exactly how much you will pay. 


The UAE adheres to Sharia Law, which stipulates that marriage is the only legal connection that permits a man and a woman to establish a lawful relationship.

Marrying in Abu Dhabi is tough even if you reside there, especially if you are an expat. But, if you still want to marry in this magical city, beware to fill out a lot of paperwork. Abu Dhabi websites can make your life a lot easier.

However, if you are a Muslim, and want to avoid the horrendous paperwork and just have a cam beach wedding; Seychelles is the go-to wedding destination.

Want to get ahead of all your wedding in Abu Dhabi or in Seychelles, get in touch with our team of planners from Abu Dhabi to guide you better.

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