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Having a civil wedding between a Filipino and a foreigner in Seychelles

Having a civil wedding between a Filipino and a foreigner in Seychelles

Seychelles is a paradise in the Indian Ocean whereas as a Filipino and a foreigner, you can conduct your wedding with bliss as compared to doing the same in the Philippines.

Destination weddings have become popular among different couples of varied ages. Many couples would choose to get their romantic wedding ceremony on a secluded beach in the tropical and thus, the importance of knowing the requirements for civil wedding Filipino and foreigner.   

Civil wedding in Seychelles  

The good thing about getting married in Seychelles is that your marriage certificate will be issued by Seychelles Civil status office. It is a legal document that is valid throughout the world. But before you leave the country, you have to make sure that, the certificate of marriage has apostil by the supreme court of Seychelles.  

You have to be issued an authentication letter by the ministry of foreign affairs of Seychelles. Seychelles, with its breath-taking beaches, and flexible requirements might be the go-to place for you to conduct your marriage as a Filipino and a foreigner. 

Civil wedding in the Philippines

Getting married in the Philippines has its own complications. You will need to attend seminars, pass documents, and even go to the extent of having to plant a tree. The difference between the Filipino – foreigner, and Filipino – Filipino marriage is all in the legal capacity of contracting marriage. And because the Philippines doesn’t have records of foreigners getting married, there will be a need to obtain the same from their embassy or country.

Final verdict on a civil wedding between a Filipino to a foreigner

From the requirements for civil weddings of Filipino and foreigners , it is much easier to hold your wedding in Seychelles than in the Philippines. This is more true for couples who belong to different nationalities and religion. Lets just sun, tan, beaches and all your legal paperwork under one roof is awaiting for you in tropical Seychelles.

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