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How can expats in Oman have an easy wedding in Seychelles?


Getting married in Oman can be a long and daunting process. From a never ending list of required documents to a lack of ideal wedding venues, it’s all a struggle. If you are an expat living in Oman we have an easy way for you to have your wedding in Seychelles.

Why getting married in Oman is complicated for expats?

The government of Oman has rules in place that require an elaborate documentation proof. This does not help when one of the partner is not an Oman resident. This is why, several of Oman expats turn back home for their weddings or choose other alternatives. Many Oman expats find that there is a scant variety of venues available in Oman to make their ceremony unique and memorable.

An easy wedding destination alternative for Oman expats

If you do not want to go through the inconvenience of gathering a bulk of documents to legalize your wedding, Seychelles is an excellent alternative. Seychelles is located in the midst of sapphire waters with splendid views and deluxe hotels. The pristine beaches of Seychelles offer the perfect spot for your dream wedding. Not only does Seychelles provide the most captivating scenery for your wedding, it is also surprisingly easy to have a wedding in Seychelles.

Easy wedding in Seychelles in 4 steps

  • Authenticated copies of Passports for both parties
  • Authenticated birth certificate for both parties
  • Authenticated Divorce certificates/death certificate (for previous spouse) – if applicable
  • Registering by filling out an online form or calling the Civil Status office

The government of Seychelles requires the couple to be present in the Civil Status office. If you are looking for a marriage at home, Civil Status office must be informed at least a week earlier.

Final words on why you can have an easy wedding in Seychelles as an Oman Expat

A group of lush green islands located in East Africa are perfect for a tropical yet easy wedding. Seychelles requires minimal documents, supporting the dream of destination wedding of every expat. Not just the beauty but the convenience provided by the law is a big reason for you to have your wedding in Seychelles.

Need more details on how to have your easy wedding in Seychelles? Book a call with our team now.

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