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How long to get a baby passport without marriage in Seychelles

FAQ’S: How long to get a baby passport without marriage

In recent years; UAE is considered to be a lot more tolerant and liberal. However; there is still a bit of indecisiveness in acquiring a birth certificate, baby passport, and other services offered to married pregnant women.

Many UAE expats that travel for various work prospects; and along the way some fall in love and start the process of baby planning. But first things first; it is always recommended you get married if you want to start a family. That’s not single, not divorced, only married. A marriage certificate is a prerequisite when you go for your first pregnancy test.

Countries such as Seychelles offer easy wedding process that makes it suitable to choose your wedding date quickly and whilst celebrating your wedding you can always enjoy the tropical waves of beaches and green trees beautifully.

After getting the official marriage license, you can resolve many matters. For instances, issuing the passport for their babies from the resident country. Let’s learn more about.

Seychelles for your wedding day

Most women do not want to risk the birth of their child and wnat to give birth in a family unit often choose to get married. The mesmerizing places of Seychelles make it an ideal location for couples who dream to get married there. A valid marriage certificate is required before delivery for unmarried pregnant women in GCC countries. In this way, couples can choose to travel to Seychelles thus making it easier to issue a birth certificate and passport for a baby.

Passport requirements for newborns in the UAE

In every GCC country, the application process for a baby passport differs, but the following general requirements must meet: 

  • The issuance of a new passport, as well as the registration of birth, for a child born in Dubai or any other Northern Emirates should be completed within one year.
  • Additionally the parents are required to register the birth of their child
  • Copy of the Marriage Certificate (in English) of the parents
  • Copy of Emirates IDs of both the parents 
  • Passport copy of both the parents

To answer the question; the process of baby passport application could take anywhere close to 5 working dates or close to about 2 working days for express baby passport.

Please note: Depending on the nationality of the parents and their current marital status; these requirements could differ. We advice speaking to our team or a family lawyer in a situation like this.

Recommendations on tying up the knot in a mesmerizing location and getting official documents for a baby:

According to the wedding rules in Seychelles, getting married there is an easygoing process for all couples. Most unmarried mothers face the difficulty of issuing a baby’s passport in their resident country, which could be any of the GCC countries because of the requirement of a marriage certificate. To cope with this matter, it is necessary to get the marriage certificate, and Seychelles is the best alternative for it. 

Planning a baby ? Talk to our team to understand how you can get married quickly whilst expecting your little one.

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