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Is a 2022 wedding in Dubai more expensive than a Seychelles wedding?

Is a 2022 wedding in Dubai more expensive than a Seychelles wedding?

UAE weddings have global recognition even on social media. A recent study shows that social media views of this nation as a wedding destination have surpassed New York to take the first position. There is a rush but it is important for couples to sit back and analyze the cost of a 2022 wedding in Dubai.

There are many factors that beg for attention during a wedding. This article examines what the factors are in Dubai and how expensive they can get. Seychelles will also be examined as a wedding destination.

What makes a wedding in Dubai expensive?

As with all weddings, there are so many factors that should be attended to in the UAE. The only difference is the higher quality of service which comes at pricier tags. What then are the key services that a couple must consider for a wedding in Dubai? Below is a rundown of some of them:

  • Venue
  • Transportation of friends and relatives
  • Food
  • Dresses
  • Lodgings
  • Entertainment

All of these elements are not easy to fix and the costs can be quite a handful for some. In the end, the couple has a list that runs into hundreds of thousands of Dirhams. For couples who can afford the cost of a 2022 wedding in Dubai, they can be sure of value for their money.

In place of the UAE, couples can also choose Seychelles for their marriage. A wedding in Seychelles has many benefits that could help the couple save some money.

Why chose Seychelles as a wedding destination?

For couples who cannot afford the luxury of a wedding in the UAE, Seychelles is a smart alternative. This country offers quick marriage services. Marriage documentation is easy here and couples do not have to come from a certain place to marry.

A marriage in Seychelles will definitely be a lot more affordable. Plus its the perfect escapade to the tropical islands while extending your beach wedding into a honeymoon.

Still confused between a wedding in Dubai Vs Seychelles in 2022, book a consultation with our expert wedding planners. They can give you the best direction.

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