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Looking up your Wedlock in a new way: Easy-wedding Georgia VS Seychelles

Looking up your wedding in a new way: Easy wedding Georgia VS Seychelles

Beach weddings are a dream of most expats, but can’t decide what is the best place for it. No worries at all. Seychelles is perfect for you. However, some have an intent to organize the wedding in stress-free and captivating places in the mountains; choose Georgia as your top preference of you. 

Read this article and learn more about the best venues for weddings. The choice is all yours!

Expats Marriage Requirements in Seychelles

If you are an expat living in another country and want to do a beach wedding in Seychelles. Here is the list of rules that you need to follow:

  •  The original birth certificate requires authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the respective country if the country is not a member of the Apostille Convention.
  • Submit the Celibacy Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate, if applicable
  • If you are a widow or widower, you need a death certificate for your previous spouse
  • For those living in Seychelles for more than 6 months, a police character certificate may be obtained from the local police station
  • A permit to stay in Seychelles
  • A passport-sized photo

Process of Expats Marriage in Georgia

The process of getting your marriage license in Georgia is easy if you plan. The license will usually be issued within a day. Taking a government-approved premarital education course would only be a little longer, and it would even help to minimize the costs of receiving your license.  

 Prepare for your easy wedding in Georgia or Seychelles: 

Whether you choose Georgia or Seychelles, both are the best fit for expats of any ethnicity, race or nationality. Although many of them are quite busy with their hectic schedule, they do not have time to arrange their weddings by themselves.

If you choose Georgia as a wedding destination, you will get an official certificate on that day, while you will get it after 2 weeks in Seychelles. It’s up to you whether you arrange your wedding on beautiful beaches or in mesmerizing locations in the mountains.

Looking for a dream wedding in Georgia or Seychelles or you are yet to decide; talk to our team of expert wedding planners

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