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Non Muslim marriage: Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles

Non Muslim marriage: Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles

Many expats live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but getting married was extremely difficult due to the strict marriage regulations. However everything is starting to look up when the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, passed a decree making it more easier to marry.

Although this does not apply to everyone and varies depending on the situation of the couple; many non Muslims couples whose situations aren’t complicated can actually marry in Abu Dhabi.

Inside Valentines day at the Abu Dhabi court for Non Muslim citizens

Approximately 60 marriage petitions were submitted in Abu Dhabi courts over the Valentine’s Day weekend. Several of them married on February 14 under the new civil marriage statute. 102 marriage applications have been lodged since the UAE Capital passed the new law last month, allowing civil marriages in Abu Dhabi for the first time.

After assisting dozens of couples with their marital journeys, the Easy Weddings team was ecstatic to be featured in the Khaleej Times. Couples were previously offered to marry in Seychelles and Georgia owing to the difficulty of the rules and marriage situations, but now Abu Dhabi has clearly opened additional opportunities for love without borders.

“I had the opportunity to chat with Easy Wedding for my wedding. My situation being a little peculiar, it was not easy to find the right information. Their team was particularly patient and efficient. Thank you again for your help!”

– Emilie Massat, 2022

What does this mean for wedding in Seychelles for expats

Due to the past tough marriage laws in Abu Dhabi; many GCC couples and expats preferred getting married in Seychelles. While the new marriage laws have certainly eased; for a marriage in Abu Dhabi; Seychelles provides the perfect escape from the city life.

Moreover getting married in Seychelles is a lot more easier and the wedding can be legalized in the UAE.

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