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Saudi Arabia joins the HCCH Apostille convention – How this relates to Seychelles weddings


There are many expats around the world who wish to marry in Seychelles because of the beautiful environment and easy legal processes. Experiences have shown that marriage in this country is quite smooth.

Most people who want to marry in Seychelles come from Middle East countries like Saudi. This article will explain how Saudi joining the HCCH Apostille convention will affect couples who desire to marry in Seychelles.

What it means for Saudi to join the new Apostille convention

Saudi Arabia used to subject foreign documents to further scrutiny in their embassies before they joined the Apostille convention. Now that they have signed the Hague Apostille convention that abolishes the Legalization Requirement for Foreign Public Documents, documents from Apostille nations will not have to undergo a second round of evaluation.

Many people considered the former process to be complicated but this latest development will curb all the stress that comes with approving documents.

Concluding on Saudi joining the HCCH Apostille convention

The new agreement that Saudi belongs to will reduce the stress that comes from approving legal documents. So long as the documents are from Apostille nations, the embassies will save more time and resources to approve documents.

Seychelles is part of the Apostille convention and this development might ease the process for Saudi couples who wish to marry in Seychelles. However, since the agreement is in its early stages, we do not have much information on how it will affect expats who marry in Apostille nations outside Saudi.

If you wish to know more about marriage in Seychelles as a Saudi resident, talk to our team of wedding experts today.

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