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Should tourist get married in UAE Vs Seychelles

Should tourist get married in UAE Vs Seychelles

UAE is the home to many foreigners, visitors and expats; however the laws weren’t adaptable until recently. Amongst one of the recent updates done in the UAE under the personal laws was to allow tourist and non residents to marry in the UAE. In this article we shed light; on which is a better option; getting married in UAE or Seychelles.

Getting married in UAE under the new laws 2022

The new Abu Dhabi family law, which governs foreigners’ personal status is applicable to all expats and non residents, visitors regardless of their religion. This opens doors for many expats to marry in the UAE. With that said; this will not be the case incase the expat belongs to a Sharia nation.

The service is only available in Abu Dhabi and is only available in the region. The new law regulates family problems for expats and foreigners, as well as providing tourists with the opportunity to get civil marriage licenses.

Who is the new law not applicable for?

A judicial official explained that the secular law, which has been passed and implemented, does not apply to Muslims from the Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab countries, or other countries where Sharia law is in effect, such as Pakistan.

The secular law permits foreigners, visitors, and non-residents to marry in Abu Dhabi under the new civil marriage plan.

Choosing a wedding in Seychelles

On the other hand, if you belong to one of the Sharia countries; you are not allowed to marry in UAE under the new law. This puts Seychelles on the map as getting married is way more easier.

A couple can choose to get legally married in Seychelles and thereafter the marriage certificate can be attested, making it legal in the UAE and around the world. Furthermore, the full procedure will take less than a few weeks.

Final verdict on marrying in UAE Vs Seychelles with the new law

While the new personal laws definitely sounds exciting and appealing to many foreigner nationals; this is not the case for others. Marry someone from another country, religion or under a country that falls under the Sharia law can be a bit of a tricky process. Hence its always advisable that couples consult with a legal wedding specialist.

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