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Your court marriage procedure in Dubai Vs Seychelles?


The legalization of marriage in courts is a very important step that protects the parties in the course of the marriage. The same is applicable in the country Dubai, however, instead of the civil law that governs marriage in many climes, this predominantly Muslim emirate officiates marriages through the Sharia law.

In the course of this article, readers will be guided through the court marriage procedures in Dubai. The documents that are required for marriage will also be examined. Finally, we will examine why Seychelles is an excellent alternative.


To get married in Dubai, the groom must first obtain the approval of the bride. Next, the bride will have to present two witnesses from her family or a legal representative. These will be signatories to the marriage.

The parties who wish to get married in a Dubai court must first be adherents of the Muslim religion. Otherwise, they could get married in their churches, temples, or any other recognized religious outfit in the country. 


Some important documents are required before the marriage will be processed. In this section, a list of some of these legal papers will be provided.

  1. Passports 
  2. Birth certificates
  3. Residence permit
  4. Completed marriage registration form
  5. Passport photographs
  6. Death and divorce certificates from previous marriages

When the couple has these vital papers, they can proceed to the nearest Dubai court. One of the parties must also be residents in Dubai for the marriage to take place unhindered. 


Apart from the Dubai court marriage, there are other awesome alternatives that prospective couples can consider. Seychelles is one of those options. This beautiful island nation has easy regulations that couples can follow. 

The simple requirements are seen in the few legal documents and non-demanding procedures that will have to be followed to conclude the marital arrangements. The process is faster than the Dubai court marriage proceedings and the documents required are not many.

If you still have doubts and questions about getting married in Seychelles, our hands-on team of wedding experts will be ready to have all your questions resolved. Feel free to book a consultation with them.

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