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Why is it easy to have a wedding in Seychelles?

Why is it easy to have a wedding in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a terrific location for holding your ideal wedding.  This beautiful island nation with its white sand beaches and turquoise water provides a quick and easy wedding choice. Helping you acquire your legal marriage license while saving money on attorneys and other administrative fees.

For couples that know what they’re doing, the procedure is a piece of cake. You must continue reading if you are a resident of the GCC and are unable to meet the conditions for marriage in your country of residence.

Reasons to have your easy wedding in Seychelles

  • No need for a visa
  • Ideal beaches for your enchanting beach wedding
  • Fewer documents required
  • Quick and practical
  • Globally accepted marriage license
  • Couples without parental approval can also register their marriage
  • You can select between a civil marriage and a religious marriage while getting married in Seychelles.

Wedding requirements in Seychelles

A valid passport and birth certificate are requirements for couples getting married in Seychelles. If divorced or widowed, the evidence must be produced, such as a deed for change of name or a death certificate, as applicable.

All papers that are not in English or French should be translated by a certified translator. No additional notarization is required.

The Seychelles Registrar from the Civil Status Office will officiate the civil wedding ceremony. The marriage certificate that is issued will be in English and come with an apostille from the Supreme Court.

Final thoughts

A couple’s lives are significantly impacted by their marriage. The excitement and challenges of the numerous preparations and day-of planning can overwhelm you.

Seychelles definitely meets all of the criteria for an unforgettable easy wedding location. These gorgeous, breath-taking islands are frequently referred to as the “Islands of Love” because seductive Seychelles is home to the unique Vallee de Mai, which some have said to be the original “Garden of Eden.”

Whether grand gatherings with your family and friends or smaller, more personal events, Seychelles can provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. And best of all, it is much cheaper than any of the GCC countries.

Planning your easy destination wedding in Seychelles? Contact our experts to assist you to create the ideal wedding day that is personalized for you.

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