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Winter wedding dress for a wedding in Seychelles

Winter wedding dress for a wedding in Seychelles

November is here, which means the holiday vibe is almost in the air. The Christmas lights would soon be up and we would be out and about getting our house prepped. We must also be aware that winter weddings will be filling our calendars soon. This means the search for the perfect wedding guest attire has begun.

In this article we highlight the top trends for winter wedding dresses in 2021. However; is also important to keep trends aside and take the weather into consideration

Weather in Seychelles

Despite the fact that from November onwards are typically considered winter months, Seychellois winter is a little different.

The precipitation levels are high and so is the air temperature, indicating that there will be a lot of rain, heat and humidity. During the day, the air temperature reaches 27°C, but only lowers to 26°C at night, providing little comfort.

The month of December has the greatest temperatures of the year, ensuring a warm Christmas. It is crucial to keep the weather in mind; if you are attending a wedding in Seychelles during these months.

Winter wedding dresses inspiration 2021

Unlike the summer, the possibilities are plentiful at this time of year. Consider satin, velvet, and a lot of glitz if you in an extremely cold place. The designs are rich, and as we approach the social high point of the year, you’ll undoubtedly wear your buy multiple times.

However; since the weather in Seychelles is rather warm during this time; we highly recommend skipping body hugging outfits or any garments too thick. Rather opt for something more breezy and light yet keeping it classy.

Watch out for some inspiration on wedding ideas magazine on what to wear to a tropical beach wedding.

Final verdict on choosing your winter wedding dress

Consider ahead of time and select a material for your wedding gown that will allow you to breathe and keep you cool on your special day. For a Caribbean environment, loose-fitting textiles like chiffon and organza are ideal.

Whether you’re walking through the white sands of a destination wedding in sandals or barefoot, its alright to ditch the usual trends sometimes and wear what you feel most comfortable in.

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