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Words of Advice on Abortion laws in Seychelles

Words of Advice on Abortion laws in Seychelles VS GCC countries

Marrying in Seychelles is a dream destination place for every couple. The mesmerizing beaches around there fill up the beauty of the exotic wedding ceremony. Are you interested? 

Although the Government declares the authority of abortion to every citizen living inside or outside there. Based on the law, it’s the woman’s right whether she has a wish to continue her pregnancy or abort it.  

If you have an unexpected pregnancy and want to exchange vows with your loved ones. Find out in this article, how to turn your dream into reality: 

Be Aware of Abortion Laws in GCC Countries.

According to World Health Organization report (2008), the total number of unsafe abortions made up of 830,000 in Western Asia. Due to the high incidence of maternal mortality rates, the expulsion of children is being prohibited. Despite this, the procedure is deemed to be mekrouh before the fetus is 120 days old in all Muslim countries, as per Islamic law.

How does the Seychelles government protect women’s health and reproductive rights?

Under Article 29, every woman needs to enjoy a healthy lifestyle under these measures listed below:

  • Ensure free primary health care in state institutions  
  • Take appropriate measures against epidemics, endemics, and other diseases
  • Reducing infant mortality and promoting the healthy development of children
  • Provide the counselling session to individuals in taking responsibility for their health
  • The establishment of private medical services should be allowed, subject to democratic supervision and conditions

Abortion laws in Seychelles: What is it?

Generally, all the public or private doctors facilitate the residents to make their own choices relating to sexuality, reproductive health, and family planning. The TOP Act 1994 allows women to terminate their pregnancies. If a woman is under 18 years old, her parents must consent to her abortion.

Three medical practitioners must approve the procedure:

  • The doctor recommending termination of pregnancy for a pregnant woman
  • An expert gynaecologist who intends to terminate a pregnancy
  • The Director of Health Services.

Moreover, the experts conduct family planning awareness programs to reduce the rate of unplanned pregnancies. 

Final Thoughts Concerning Abortion Laws in Seychelles vs. GCC Countries

While in most GCC countries, abortion is illegal and prohibited, in the Seychelles, termination of pregnancy is a choice for all women living there. However, it is not necessary to go through this unsafe procedure. You can discuss the issues with your loved one and step forward to plan a happy family. Also, those women who traveled there to organize a wedding ceremony will get an official marriage license within 2 weeks.

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