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Your Perfect Wedding in Seychelles

Let your dreams come true with our expert wedding planners. Dream awake and let our team handles the rest!

➕ Can be added in your package

Wedding Paperworks

➕ After wedding support
Due to the regular updates of the international laws & regulations, you may end up in a need of new documents or stamps. Our team will provide you all the support you need, exactly when you need it!
➕ 2 authentication MoFA letters
Your wedding certificate will be officially authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This stamp is required to proceed any further legalization.
➕ 2 Wedding certificates
You will received 2 wedding certificates in English & Apostille
➕ Documents shipping

As soon as your documents are ready we will make sure that you can receive then in any country. We work with the main courrier carriers to deliver you your documents in 100% of the cases.

➕ Examination & preparation of documents

Our team will help go through all the initial requirements to make sure you can process your wedding document stress-free.

➕ Extra Embassy Legalization

Every country & nationality has their own rules & processes. Thanks to our experience and local presence in Georgia & the GCC we are now able to legalize your documents in 97% of the cases. For the missing 3% we will find the way!

➕ Full Wedding consultation

Need to talk to our experts? Our team will make sure you have an answer to all your questions!

➕ Full wedding planner support

Our wedding planner experts will be with you from day 1 to help you go through all the steps and make sure your wedding happens the way you want it to!


The very last step to make your wedding certificate 100% legal and valid elsewhere is to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs MoFA stamp in the respective country. Why don’t you enjoy your new marital status and let our team take care of it?*

* Initially for the GCC countries but can be delivered in any country upon validation with your wedding expert

➕ Prenuptial agreement

Life has its own way. When it comes to the international weddings & couples, it makes sense to agree on how you will handle your marriage. Our team can help you setup your own agreement.

The ceremony

➕ Beach Venue
We will help you plan the wedding ceremony in a cute location.
➕ Celebrant

Our professional celebrants will help you write your wedding vows and will guide you through the most beautiful moment of your life.

➕ Local Registrar
Get the local official to come at your beach to celebrate your union!
➕ Musicians
What about adding a little bit of music with your special day? Let our team helps you find the perfect artists for you.
➕ Premium venues

Choose from the list of carefully selected premium venues in Seychelles. Beach, luxury resort or a private yacht – anything you wish is possible!

➕ Transport
Let’s make sure that everything goes smooth. Our team will pick you up and drop you back whenever it’s time to rest.
➕ Witnesses

There is no wedding without witnesses. From getting your friends onboard to getting our team coming with you, we will make sure that all goes smooth.

➕ Wedding arch
Let us help you build a beautiful wedding arch for you.

Wedding Extras

➕ Bridal Bouquet
What will be a wedding without flowers? Let our team find the perfect local flowers for you!

Nothing can beat romantic dinner at the beach. 

➕ Drone videoshoot

Drone videos are the best. Especially when they are taken at the paradise island! 

➕ Flight

Thanks to our partnerships with FlyDubai,AirArabia and other airlines, we can help you to find the best travel deal  from any of the GCC countries to Georgia.

➕ Hotel & Accommodation

From exclusive experiences to affordable options, our team can help you find the options matching your needs in the best way.

➕ Groom boutonniere
Get the best for both you with a nice combinaison of local flowers
➕ Married or refunded

Sometimes life does not go the way we want. If for whatsoever reason, we can’t get you married, you will get a 100% refund. 

➕ Makeup & Hair Stylist
Let our team take care of you. From hair to make up you’ll be in good hand!
➕ Photoshoot
Get a 1h photo shooting with one of our best photographer to make your wedding unique & memorable.
➕ Sparkling wine
There is no celebration without popping a bottle of sparkling!
➕ Transport
Let’s make sure that everything goes smooth. Our team will pick you up and drop you back whenever it’s time to rest.
➕ Wedding cake
Customized cake will make your sweet day even sweeter.
➕ Wedding Dress Rental

There are so many of them, but we will help  you to find the one that was made just for you. Just like you groom 😉

what do you get

Most recommended extras

Any of the below options can be added to your package. This is your wedding, your rules!

  • Wedding photographer
    Get our special photographers to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding.
    Capturing your wedding moments
  • VIP Transfer
    VIP Car

    We never have twice the opportunity to make a good impression. It’s even more right for your wedding. Let’s book the perfect car to drive you towards your new life! 

    Travel to your wedding in luxury
  • Wedding Musicians

    Let our saxophonists, harpists and other musicians bring you this little touch that will make your day special.

    Entertainment for your big Day
  • Romantic Dinner

    Let his magic first night be the one you always dreamed about. Our team will organize for you the perfect dinner. 

    Book the most romantic candlelight dinner
  • Embassy Attestation Support
    Embassy Attestation
    Some embassies may be more challenging than others in order to get information. Our team is ready to take up this challenge and get all the information you need.
    After your Wedding day
  • Wedding Videographer
    What is a wedding without a souvenir? Let’s discuss what you like and work on the best souvenirs as videos. You get married only once! Let’s make sure you remember the day.
    Quality cinematic wedding films
  • Bachelor parties
    Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

    Need help with planning the wildest bachelor or bachelorette party? We plan bachelor and bachelorette parties in some exclusive destinations.

    A night to remember
  • Surprise proposal

    Plan the dream marriage proposal! Customized proposal ideas and luxury marriage proposal planning in the mountains, lakeside or even by the beach

    Say Yes
  • Honeymoon packages

    We help you design, plan and book your honeymoon…. Not sure where to go? Get inspired and book a call with our team !

    Romantic and Adventure honeymoon travel
what do you get

Who is this package made for?

Our very special custom wedding package is created for couples who want a handcraft unique wedding.

Everything you can think about is possible with this package – from drones to wedding celebrants, from fancy dinners to private yachts! Just let us know what are you dreaming about.

Most common questions
Easiest country to get married: Georgia VS Seychelles

In Georgia and Seychelles, even foreigners are permitted to marry. The process is simple for couples who know what they’re doing. International couples can marry in both Georgia and Seychelles, despite the fact that they are from different countries and have different cultural customs.

Continue reading to learn more about international marriage in Georgia and Seychelles


Georgia provides civil and religious weddings, based on the preferences of the customer. A civil ceremony is one that is recognized by the law, whereas a religious ceremony is approved by God.

The Georgian region does not discriminate against people of different ethnic backgrounds or religious beliefs. It will let the wedding take place if the purchaser presents all the required paperwork. It is also a signatory to the Apostille Convention, which makes an apostilled marriage license valid in other signatory countries.


Your marriage certificate will be issued in English if you marry in the Seychelles High Court. Your marriage license will be accepted all around the world. It is simple for foreign couples to marry in Seychelles because only a small amount of paperwork is required. Only photocopies of birth certificates, passport photocopies, and, if applicable, a copy of divorce paperwork are necessary.


Georgia and Seychelles, make it simple to obtain a marriage certificate. The marriage process in the GCC countries may take a long time depending on your nationality and religion. Furthermore, in order to be officially married, a flurry of processes and documentation must be performed.

As a result, these two countries are a great site for many couples to exchange vows and marry.

Still, undecided between Georgia and Seychelles, or have a few questions about the process? We recommend that you schedule a consultation with our experts.

Looking up your wedding in a new way: Easy wedding Georgia VS Seychelles

Beach weddings are a dream of most expats, but can’t decide what is the best place for it. No worries at all. Seychelles is perfect for you. However, some have an intent to organize the wedding in stress-free and captivating places in the mountains; choose Georgia as your top preference of you. 

Read this article and learn more about the best venues for weddings. The choice is all yours!

Expats Marriage Requirements in Seychelles

If you are an expat living in another country and want to do a beach wedding in Seychelles. Here is the list of rules that you need to follow:

  •  The original birth certificate requires authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the respective country if the country is not a member of the Apostille Convention.
  • Submit the Celibacy Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate, if applicable
  • If you are a widow or widower, you need a death certificate for your previous spouse
  • For those living in Seychelles for more than 6 months, a police character certificate may be obtained from the local police station
  • A permit to stay in Seychelles
  • A passport-sized photo

Process of Expats Marriage in Georgia

The process of getting your marriage license in Georgia is easy if you plan. The license will usually be issued within a day. Taking a government-approved premarital education course would only be a little longer, and it would even help to minimize the costs of receiving your license.  

 Prepare for your easy wedding in Georgia or Seychelles: 

Whether you choose Georgia or Seychelles, both are the best fit for expats of any ethnicity, race or nationality. Although many of them are quite busy with their hectic schedule, they do not have time to arrange their weddings by themselves.

If you choose Georgia as a wedding destination, you will get an official certificate on that day, while you will get it after 2 weeks in Seychelles. It’s up to you whether you arrange your wedding on beautiful beaches or in mesmerizing locations in the mountains.

Looking for a dream wedding in Georgia or Seychelles or you are yet to decide; talk to our team of expert wedding planners

A comparison between two wedding destinations: Seychelles Vs Georgia

Seychelles is a tropical island that is located in East Africa. It is blessed with beautiful beaches, nice landscapes, and good weather. Rains which fall regularly throughout the year add some coolness to the atmosphere. Tourists can also visit mountain resorts within the territory. 

Although a rich African nation, Seychelles is quite expensive to live in. The visiting tourists need to be financially prepared to afford the hotel rooms and food. 

Expats in the GCC nations who wish to get married in a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere might consider Seychelles but Georgia is fast becoming a preferred option. In the course of this article, we will discuss why this is the case.

An overview of marriage in the Seychelles versus Georgia

There are certain reasons why Georgia might be a preferred option for weddings when compared to Seychelles. Below is a consideration of some of the reasons:

  1. Marriage Legislation: Georgia only requires passports, marriage application forms, and the presence of witnesses to have the marriage completed. Although the paperwork in Seychelles is also hassle-free, the expensive cost of things might make Georgia a better option.
  2. Cost: More travel time translates to more travel costs. So, the expats will have to pay more when moving to Seychelles for a destination wedding. Given the high cost of commodities in Seychelles, paying for a wedding setting might also cost more. 
  3. Destination: The distance between the Middle East and Georgia is about 1400 km while the distance from the Middle East to East Africa is about 3000 km. Traveling from any of the countries in the Middle East to Seychelles will mostly consume more time.

Seychelles Vs Georgia to get married easily

When it comes to getting married for expats from different nationalities and religions, both the Seychelles and Georgia offer easy wedding solutions. However; Georgia is definitely more affordable with fewer legal requirements, and greater proximity. The cost of living in Georgia is not overwhelming, so individuals can easily rent a hotel or an outdoor space.

The favorable Georgian climate might also be a reason why many will opt for the country. Nature is another prominent feature in Georgia. The mountains, lakes, and resorts offer a good outdoor space for weddings. Having considered these, we can conclude that Georgia offers prospective couples an excellent way to get married.

If you or a close friend is considering getting married in Seychelles or Georgia, you could book a guidance and counseling consultation with our wedding agency.

Easy wedding Online vs Seychelles – The best choice for would-be couples

Simple wedding options abound but couples can compare these to know what is right for them. The online wedding has gained some ground in recent times. This is because of the rise in the use of technology and changing global conditions caused by the pandemic.

Seychelles is also a wedding destination that many people have taken advantage of. The country’s receptive nature might be a reason for this. This text compares the Online and Seychelles marriage options to help expats make better marriage choices.

Descriptions of the Online and Seychelles wedding

Online and Seychelles weddings are top on the list of easy marriage options. However, a couple who chooses an online wedding should expect to meet certain requirements. Key expectations include:

  1. Submission of key documents online.
  2. Presence of the couple, their witnesses, and the marriage officer.
  3. Availability of a sound video conference device.

Soft copies of these documents should be uploaded online;

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Passport copies
  3. Government-approved IDs and
  4. The marriage application form.

After submitting their documents, the body in charge of the wedding will fix a date that will require the presence of the couple and their witnesses.

A Seychelles wedding also has achievable requirements. The only principal difference is the fact that the couple has to be physically present to finalize the wedding. However, many things can make a wedding in Seychelles exciting. This country is blessed with enticing natural environments, good food, a smooth marriage registration system, and hospitable people. All of these ensure that the couple will have a memorable wedding experience.

Should expat couples pick the Online or Seychelles marriage route?

An online wedding comes with many benefits that the couple can be grateful for. First, they will save time, effort, and resources that would have been spent on transporting the couple and their friends to the wedding destination. In the end, the couple will have a genuine and valid certificate. However, a wedding in Seychelles also has its unique advantages.

A Seychelles union is great for couples who want to experience captivating environments and amazing fellowship with friends and relatives. The beautiful beaches and the bright and sunny environments provide optimum wedding conditions. The legal process of sealing a union in Seychelles is fast so the couple can plan their affairs within their budget and time limit.

Foreign couples from different parts of the world can enjoy the benefits of a wedding in Seychelles. To learn more about this destination, book a consultation with experts in our wedding agency who will explain the right way to go about this.

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