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Plan your dream wedding on a paradise island. To make sure you can have your wedding exactly how you pictured it, all wedding packages can be customized.

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GCC registration basic package

AED 4,850 – EUR 1,140

For the cost savers

Get everything you need to live in the GCC as a family without spending a fortune on it. If you are looking for something easy, simple and quick – this package is the right fit for you.

Before the wedding 

  • Documents legal checkup & validation ✔️
  • Documents translation (if needed) ❌
  • Legal COVID-19 advice before traveling ✔️
  • Local register to conduct wedding ceremony at the beach or in the hotel ✔️

Wedding day

  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Sparkling Wine ❌
  • GCC attestation stamp ✔️
  • Civil Registrar ✔️
  • Two wedding certificates in English and Apostille ✔️
  • Two authentication letters from the MoFA of Seychelles ✔️

After the wedding

  • Documents shipping ✔️
  • GCC Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp (includes only UAE) ✔️
  • Married or refunded ✔️

Nikah ceremony package

AED 4,050 – EUR 940

For couples who respect traditions

You will have everything you need to have a proper islamic nikah ceremony and wedding certificate valid in the GCC.

Before the wedding

  • Documents legal checkup & validation ✔️
  • Documents translation (if needed) ✔️
  • Legal COVID-19 advice before traveling ✔️
  • Imam to conduct the ceremony ✔️
  • Authentication letter from the MoFA of Seychelles ✔️

Wedding day

  • Muslim witnesses ✔️
  • Document translation ✔️
  • GCC attestation stamp ✔️
  • Nikah certificate Apostille ✔️
  • Transportation to and from the mosque ✔️

After the wedding

  • GCC embassy stamp ✔️
  • Documents shipping ✔️
  • Married or refunded ✔️

Custom Package

Pricing based on your needs

For the perfectionists

You deserve to be VIP at your own wedding. This wedding package is customized specially for you to match your expectations. It already includes all the necessary paperwork and legalization for any country in the world plus:

The wedding ceremony

  • Beach venues ✔️
  • Wedding arch ✔️
  • Premium venues ✔️
  • Wedding celebrant ✔️

Wedding outfits

  • Bridal bouquet ✔️
  • Groom boutonniere ✔️
  • Make up and hair stylist for the bride ✔️
  • Wedding dress rental ✔️
  • Taxi & transportation ✔️

Wedding Extra

  • Photographer ✔️
  • Videographer with drone ✔️
  • Dinner ✔️
  • Wedding cake ✔️
  • Wedding musicians ✔️
  • Full customization ✔️
Most common Wedding questions
Legal Wedding Price Dubai vs Seychelles

Dubai is considered being one of the most expensive places on earth, especially when it comes to getting married. According to the recent stats, some of the marriages can even cost more than a million AED. Several legal requirements come with legal wedding cost more than you can imagine. But the real show begins when you go out to find the best venue and bridal for your wedding. That’s why we have come up with the better option that you can find in this article. Keep on reading to find that out.

Documents Fees for Dubai Wedding

Almost all the documents that you need to complete require you to pay for the necessary changes.

  • The premarital screening test costs AED 250 to AED 900, depending upon your selection of the medical facility. If you opt for a VIP clinic or hospital, it will sure cost you a lot more.
  • The fees of the Dubai court that carry out the marriage process is up to AED 1800
  • If you know the requirements to get married in Dubai, then you would already know that there are many documents that you need to get attested from the MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The attestation fee is AED 160.

You’ll also have to pay for the marriage legalization back home, and that fee will depend upon your country. However, each stamp back home can be around 45 US dollars.

Concluding Legal Wedding Price Dubai vs Seychelles!

These are only those costs that you’ll be spending on the legal processes. Other than that, you will also have to spend a lot more on other things such as venue, dressing, reception, etcetera. That can add up to even more than AED 30,000 easily. On the other hand, you can opt to get married in Seychelles that costs about AED 10,000 to 15,000 for the wedding. That’s still a lot but the best part of this choice is that you can plan your honeymoon with your package as well. Not only will that save you money, but you will also be able to make some unforgettable and everlasting memories.

Share this information with your loved ones to let them know about getting married in Seychelles to put an end to their worries.

Best time to get married in Seychelles
Thinking about an ideal time of the year for a wedding in Seychelles. Though, if you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level, it doesn’t matter which time of the year it is. Let’s take a closer look at the best time to get married in Seychelles.
Dubai Vs Seychelles: Is Sharia Law the best way to marry

Do you belong to different nationalities? Can’t decide where to get married? What are you worried about?

If you are muslim and non-muslim couples living in Dubai find it difficult to get married under strict marriage regulations.It is best to plan your memorable day of life on the romantic islands in Seychelles. Getting married there is far easier and can be legalized in the UAE.

Wedding in Dubai under Sharia Law marriage for International Couples:

For mixed couples, it can be difficult to adhere to Sharia law marriage. Your one partner must also be a UAE resident and must undergo the tough application process. Make sure both parties must be Muslim before marrying or have proof of conversion. 

Therefore, most couples prefer to get married in Seychelles, or other wedding destinations and then registered in the UAE. 

Wedding in Seychelles for International Couples:

Are you dreaming about marrying on the most romantic beaches in the world? Seychelles as a destination place for a wedding is the best choice for UAE residents. 

When you get married at the Seychelles, a marriage certificate in English will be issued. It will be accepted everywhere in the world. A small amount of paperwork is required for foreign couples to marry in Seychelles. You will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate, passport, and divorce paperwork, if applicable.

Take your vows on a white sandy beach with turquoise oceans. It will be the most memorable day of your life!

Conclusion to get married under Sharia Law marriage in Dubai VS Seychelles:

If a Muslim person ties a knot with a non-muslim in an easy-going way rather than Sharia law marriage in UAE. Take a trip to the Seychelles where the marriage process is much simpler as well as, enjoy the cold breeze of beaches that lift you up. 

Get in touch with us to match up with the love of your life regardless of religion.

How to get married no annulment in Seychelles – Getting Married in Dubai Vs Seychelles

If you’re a Filipino couple and have decided to get married in Dubai, then congratulations. But wait! Have to complete all the requirements and documentation that you’ll need to provide? Have you completed all the authentication and authorization processes that can take days? If not then brace yourself and read a long list of the legal and necessary requirements and and alternative for getting married for Filipino nationals. It might change your mind. Certainly not about marrying but about the choice of place. Let’s talk about it.

Legal Requirements to Get Married in Dubai!

If you know about how couples marry in Dubai then you might have gathered the documents. Make sure that you have all the following ready before your big day. You can find more details here regarding that.

  • Joint affidavit form
  • Marriage announcement form
  • The marriage application form that both the groom and the bride need each
  • Report on the marriage
  • Recent passport size photos
  • NSO CENOMAR authenticated from the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Copies of passport as well as original
  • Birth certificate
  • Parents advice must be authenticated by the DFA
  • Consent of parents which must also be authenticated by the DFA
  • Civil status certificate from embassy or consulate if you’re living in Dubai
  • A premarital medical screening certificate approved by the authorized medical hospitals or clinics in the UAE
  • Both of the spouses must be at least 18 years old
  • They must not be close blood relatives
  • A couple of witnesses with their national IDs and passports
  • The marriage can take place in a consulate, church, and even in Islamic court depending upon the religion.

In most cases as we have experienced, many Filipinos have already married and it’s almost impossible in the Philippines to get the marriage annulment. Therefore for those people UAE is out of question especially for the women who have their ex-husband’s last name in their passport. That’s because a divorce or singleness certificate is necessary to provide. In fact, it’s pretty much out of question in any country’s case. 

Keep in mind that all the situations are different and we recommend you to contact us in order to figure out if there anything that can be done for you.

Verdict on How to get married no annulment in Seychelles – Getting Married in Dubai Vs Seychelles

These are only the most basic and important requirements that you need to meet in order to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos. If you don’t have enough time then undoubtedly this is not the right way for you to marry. Don’t worry, because you have a better option which is not only easier, more efficient but it also provides you with some incredible venues. It’s none other than getting married in Seychelles.

Let your loved ones know about it and recommend them to marry in Seychelles today.

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