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Plan your dream wedding on a paradise island. To make sure you can have your wedding exactly how you pictured it, all wedding packages can be customized.

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easy wedding seychelles eco package | Planning to get a wedding certificate in Seychelles?

GCC registration basic package

AED 4,850 – EUR 1,140

For the cost savers

Get everything you need to live in the GCC as a family without spending a fortune on it. If you are looking for something easy, simple and quick – this package is the right fit for you.

Before the wedding 

  • Documents legal checkup & validation ✔️
  • Documents translation (if needed) ❌
  • Legal COVID-19 advice before traveling ✔️
  • Local register to conduct wedding ceremony at the beach or in the hotel ✔️

Wedding day

  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Sparkling Wine ❌
  • GCC attestation stamp ✔️
  • Civil Registrar ✔️
  • Two wedding certificates in English and Apostille ✔️
  • Two authentication letters from the MoFA of Seychelles ✔️

After the wedding

  • Documents shipping ✔️
  • GCC Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp (includes only UAE) ✔️
  • Married or refunded ✔️
easy wedding seychelles premium package | How to get married in Seychelles and Dubai?

Nikah ceremony package

AED 4,050 – EUR 940

For couples who respect traditions

You will have everything you need to have a proper islamic nikah ceremony and wedding certificate valid in the GCC.

Before the wedding

  • Documents legal checkup & validation ✔️
  • Documents translation (if needed) ✔️
  • Legal COVID-19 advice before traveling ✔️
  • Imam to conduct the ceremony ✔️
  • Authentication letter from the MoFA of Seychelles ✔️

Wedding day

  • Muslim witnesses ✔️
  • Document translation ✔️
  • GCC attestation stamp ✔️
  • Nikah certificate Apostille ✔️
  • Transportation to and from the mosque ✔️

After the wedding

  • GCC embassy stamp ✔️
  • Documents shipping ✔️
  • Married or refunded ✔️
easy wedding seychelles custom wedding | Going to get married in Seychelles?

Custom Package

Pricing based on your needs

For the perfectionists

You deserve to be VIP at your own wedding. This wedding package is customized specially for you to match your expectations. It already includes all the necessary paperwork and legalization for any country in the world plus:

The wedding ceremony

  • Beach venues ✔️
  • Wedding arch ✔️
  • Premium venues ✔️
  • Wedding celebrant ✔️

Wedding outfits

  • Bridal bouquet ✔️
  • Groom boutonniere ✔️
  • Make up and hair stylist for the bride ✔️
  • Wedding dress rental ✔️
  • Taxi & transportation ✔️

Wedding Extra

  • Photographer ✔️
  • Videographer with drone ✔️
  • Dinner ✔️
  • Wedding cake ✔️
  • Wedding musicians ✔️
  • Full customization ✔️

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Most common Wedding questions
How to get a marriage online Vs Seychelles

All set for marriage online? Decided on dates to say ‘I do”? Well, it’s a dream day for every bride & groom for sure. But, before the big day, you should have a hold on the involved legality. You require documents before walking down the aisle.

In this blog, we talk about legal status and marriage online. Also, we discuss the steps to marrying online.

Online marriages got recognition globally in the last couple of years. It was in much demand during the pandemic led to a lockdown and stay-at-home culture.

The Online Process for Marrying

Standard marriage online Requirements

So, the process of online marriage begins with your eligibility. Eligibility decides whether you can apply for a marriage license or not. The requirements vary from country to country.

Let us go through a couple of standard conditions for online marriage.

  • In most countries, the permissible marriage age is 18. Few countries allow before 18 years of age with a parent’s consent.
  • The bride and Groom or Partners should not be closely related to each other. Again, it varies in some countries.
  • Legally unmarried or divorced before marriage.
  • Partners should be in sound mental capacity. They must have an understanding of their actions and consequences.

Obtain a Marriage License online

The next step is to make an appointment with a marriage authority to obtain a marriage license. Most of the offices have re-opened post-pandemic. You should get your appointment conveniently.

To be on the safer side, it is advisable to book your slot beforehand. In addition, some countries have laws regarding how long you can keep a marriage license. So, calculate the days of your online marriage and apply for a marriage license accordingly. Generally, the span of registration ranges from 35 to 90 days and varies according to state. You will also need to pay a fee for marriage license processing.

Marriage document submission process

You have checked your online marriage eligibility and applied for a marriage license, next step is to arrange and submit documents for a wedding.

The list of documents includes:

  • License or Passport as Identity Proof (Check your state requirements)
  • Marriage Witness (differs among States, some of them do not need a witness)
  • Personal Information (Full name, Date of Birth, Birth State, and Passing Date)
  • Documents for Dissolution of Marriage (If divorced)
  • Parent/s consent if bride or groom or both is under 18 years of age

Concluding on Seychelles and your marriage online

Seychelles is one such country where getting married is bliss. With tropical weather and government easy submission of marriage documents online, many couples prefer to marry in this natural paradise. In the US and around the world, online marriage is a new trend because of the support of authorities in a few states. The authority approved the online marriage process with a disclaimer that both parties must interact on the video call in “real-time” and pre-recorded videos of “I Dos” would not be acceptable.

Check all documents, and marriage license, and get your signatures in the presence of witnesses and officiant. And that’s how marriage has done virtually hassle-free.

Easy Guide for Filipino getting married in Seychelles

Seychelles is regarded as one of the most gorgeous and romantic wedding venues in the world. Every couple’s breath is taken away by the breathtaking combination of stunning basalt, white fine sand beaches, blue sea, and incredible wildlife. This location is ideal for your special day.


Let’s face it; if you are planning a destination wedding; the location plays a very important. But soon after that, it is crucial that the country makes it easier for foreigners to get married. If the paperwork and documentation is too much; one might rather get married in their home country or the country of residence.


  • Both parties’ birth certificates
  • If you’re widowed, you’ll need the death certificate of your prior spouse.
  • If applicable, divorce certificates
  • Both parties’ passports must be in perfect shape.
  • a properly completed marriage application

Please note: All documents issued arranged for the purpose of getting married in Seychelles must be provided into English or French and Apostilled.


  • Both parties’ birth certificates (original copy and apostil for the foreign party)
  • If you’re widowed, you’ll need the death certificate of your prior spouse (original copy and apostil for the foreign party)
  • If applicable, divorce certificates (original copy and apostil for the foreign party)
  • A clear copy of the foreign party’s passport
  • Foreign party’s police character certificate (must be 6 months old or less) If you’ve been in the nation for six months or more, you can get a police character certificate from the Seychelles Police Station.
  • A foreign party’s celibacy certificate (if applicable) — Passport picture of both parties, original and apostilled
  • A properly completed marriage application

Please note: All documents issued arranged for the purpose of getting married in Seychelles must be provided into English or French and Apostilled.


Filipinos planning to marry in Seychelles should contact the Civil Status Office. They can also make the necessary arrangements through a local wedding planner, guest house, or (place of accommodation) or instantly to the Civil Status Office to enroll their marriage ceremony at least eleven days in advance.

The official government site has all the relevant details for planning your wedding in Seychelles as a foreigner.


This idyllic island situation amongst the Indian Ocean has something for everyone: from luxury staycations, quiet beaches, trekking nature paths, scuba and snorkeling are just a stone throw away. After the hectic wedding preparations, newlyweds may undoubtedly relax or explore the islands.

If you are planning a wedding in Seychelles; the procedure is not that tedious in comparisons to many other countries; however you might need some additional help for the paperwork and the actual wedding itself.

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Winter wedding dress for a wedding in Seychelles

November is here, which means the holiday vibe is almost in the air. The Christmas lights would soon be up and we would be out and about getting our house prepped. We must also be aware that winter weddings will be filling our calendars soon. This means the search for the perfect wedding guest attire has begun.

In this article we highlight the top trends for winter wedding dresses in 2021. However; is also important to keep trends aside and take the weather into consideration

Weather in Seychelles

Despite the fact that from November onwards are typically considered winter months, Seychellois winter is a little different.

The precipitation levels are high and so is the air temperature, indicating that there will be a lot of rain, heat and humidity. During the day, the air temperature reaches 27°C, but only lowers to 26°C at night, providing little comfort.

The month of December has the greatest temperatures of the year, ensuring a warm Christmas. It is crucial to keep the weather in mind; if you are attending a wedding in Seychelles during these months.

Winter wedding dresses inspiration 2021

Unlike the summer, the possibilities are plentiful at this time of year. Consider satin, velvet, and a lot of glitz if you in an extremely cold place. The designs are rich, and as we approach the social high point of the year, you’ll undoubtedly wear your buy multiple times.

However; since the weather in Seychelles is rather warm during this time; we highly recommend skipping body hugging outfits or any garments too thick. Rather opt for something more breezy and light yet keeping it classy.

Watch out for some inspiration on wedding ideas magazine on what to wear to a tropical beach wedding.

Final verdict on choosing your winter wedding dress

Consider ahead of time and select a material for your wedding gown that will allow you to breathe and keep you cool on your special day. For a Caribbean environment, loose-fitting textiles like chiffon and organza are ideal.

Whether you’re walking through the white sands of a destination wedding in sandals or barefoot, its alright to ditch the usual trends sometimes and wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Share this article with someone whose still contemplating on what wedding dress to wear to a wedding in Seychelles.


Florian Ughetto and Liz Nunez are creating history by being the first couple in the UAE to get married in metaverse later on May 19. The event which will be attended by close family and friends of the couple will be held in Decentraland.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a game-changing technology that easily integrates virtual reality (VR) and creates objects (AR) technologies to bring the real and digital worlds together. Metaverse, to put it simply, is a virtual 3D world where users may create 3D avatars and explore an interactive world.

Story of the first UAE metaverse couple

Florian is a Frenchman, while Liz, his partner, and co-founder, is a Paraguayan.

Both had been living and working in the Middle East for several years when they met and fell in love. the couple wanted to fly in with their friends and relatives from both countries when they chose to marry.

After they got married they create Easy Wedding; a Dubai-based wedding start-up company that recently raised over $100,000 dollars. Over the last two years, they have married hundreds of couples and assisted them with their legal wedding issues. The company now wants to break into the Metaverse and bring internet marriages to a whole new level.

First Metaverse wedding in UAE

Florian and Liz will walk down the aisle in their own Decentraland plot, dressed in a stylish, custom-made black and brown suit and a lovely white gown purchased for roughly $100 from the most major NFT market Open Sea. They will be joined in the metaverse by 20 of their closest relatives and friends, who will do so from the comfort of their own homes.

Share this article with your friends and family about the first wedding in the Metaverse because the future is here.

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