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For the romantics

Premium Beach Wedding Package

AED 8,350 – USD 2,280*

Your Beautiful Wedding On The Beach

This wedding offer is made for the true lovers. We will take care of all the paperworks and get you a beautiful ceremony on the beach!

✔️ Included in the current offer
| ➕ Can be added as an extra

* Final price depends on the wedding location

Before the ceremony

✔️ Full Wedding consultation

Need to talk to our experts? Our team will make sure you have an answer to all your questions!

✔️ Examination & preparation of documents

Our team will help go through all the initial requirements to make sure you can process your wedding document stress-free.

✔️ Full wedding planner support

Our wedding planner experts will be with you from day 1 to help you go through all the steps and make sure your wedding happens the way you want it to!

➕ Hotel & Accommodation

From exclusive experiences to affordable options, our team can help you find the options matching your needs in the best way.

➕ Prenuptial agreement

Life has its own way. When it comes to the international weddings & couples, it makes sense to agree on how you will handle your marriage. Our team can help you setup your own agreement.

➕ Flight

Thanks to our partnerships with FlyDubai, AirArabia and other airlines, we can help you to find the best travel deal  from any of the GCC countries to Georgia.

The wedding day

✔️ Beach Venue
We will help you plan the wedding ceremony in a cute location.
✔️ Local Registrar
Get the local official to come at your beach to celebrate your union!
✔️ Witnesses

There is no wedding without witnesses. From getting your friends onboard to getting our team coming with you, we will make sure that all goes smooth.

✔️ Bridal Bouquet
What will be a wedding without flowers? Let our team find the perfect local flowers for you!
✔️ Groom boutonniere
Get the best for both you with a nice combinaison of local flowers
✔️ Photoshoot
Get a 1h photo shooting with one of our best photographer to make your wedding unique & memorable.
✔️ Transport
Let’s make sure that everything goes smooth. Our team will pick you up and drop you back whenever it’s time to rest.
✔️ Wedding arch
Let us help you build a beautiful wedding arch for you.
✔️ Wedding cake
Customized cake will make your sweet day even sweeter.
✔️ Sparkling wine
There is no celebration without popping a bottle of sparkling!

After your marriage

✔️ After wedding support

Due to the regular updates of the international laws & regulations, you may end up in a need of new documents or stamps. Our team will provide you all the support you need, exactly when you need it!

✔️ 2 authentification MoFA letters
Your wedding certificate will be officially authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This stamp is required to proceed any further legalization.
✔️ 2 Wedding certificates
You will received 2 wedding certificates in English & Apostille
✔️ Documents shipping

As soon as your documents are ready we will make sure that you can receive then in any country. We work with the main courrier carriers to deliver you your documents in 100% of the cases.


The very last step to make your wedding certificate 100% legal and valid elsewhere is to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs MoFA stamp in the respective country. Why don’t you enjoy your new marital status and let our team take care of it?*

* Initially for the UAE but can be delivered in any country upon validation with your wedding expert

✔️ Married or refunded

Sometimes life does not go the way we want. If for whatsoever reason, we can’t get you married, you will get a 100% refund. 

➕ Extra Embassy Legalization

Every country & nationality has their own rules & processes. Thanks to our experience and local presence in Georgia & the GCC we are now able to legalize your documents in 97% of the cases. For the missing 3% we will find the way!

what do you get

Looking for a little extra ?

Any of the below options can be added to your package. This is your wedding, your rules!

  • Wedding photographer
    Get our special photographers to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding.
    Capturing your wedding moments
  • VIP Transfer
    VIP Car

    We never have twice the opportunity to make a good impression. It’s even more right for your wedding. Let’s book the perfect car to drive you towards your new life! 

    Travel to your wedding in luxury
  • Wedding Musicians

    Let our saxophonists, harpists and other musicians bring you this little touch that will make your day special.

    Entertainment for your big Day
  • Romantic Dinner

    Let his magic first night be the one you always dreamed about. Our team will organize for you the perfect dinner. 

    Book the most romantic candlelight dinner
  • Embassy Attestation Support
    Embassy Attestation
    Some embassies may be more challenging than others in order to get information. Our team is ready to take up this challenge and get all the information you need.
    After your Wedding day
  • Wedding Videographer
    What is a wedding without a souvenir? Let’s discuss what you like and work on the best souvenirs as videos. You get married only once! Let’s make sure you remember the day.
    Quality cinematic wedding films
  • Bachelor parties
    Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

    Need help with planning the wildest bachelor or bachelorette party? We plan bachelor and bachelorette parties in some exclusive destinations.

    A night to remember
  • Surprise proposal

    Plan the dream marriage proposal! Customized proposal ideas and luxury marriage proposal planning in the mountains, lakeside or even by the beach

    Say Yes
  • Honeymoon packages

    We help you design, plan and book your honeymoon…. Not sure where to go? Get inspired and book a call with our team !

    Romantic and Adventure honeymoon travel
what do you get

Who is this package made for?

The premium wedding package is tailored for couples looking for a memorable wedding celebration.

Our team of professional wedding planners will create a premium wedding ceremony for you just the way you want it.

Most common questions
Why choose a Seychelles destination wedding

Beautiful tropical weather, serene beaches, and a strong history and lineage of the French and British culture are just a few of the attractions. The Seychelles islands, hidden in the Indian Ocean about 930 miles off the east coast of Africa and to the northeast of Madagascar, are a tropical paradise.

If you are planning on a destination wedding in Seychelles; keep reading to understand what it takes to make your dream destination a reality, since the Seychelles islands have a lot more to offer. Check out top 5 suggested destination wedding to get married in 2021.


The Seychelles are a beautiful wedding destination, with everything from quiet nature to active animals and stunning tropical splendour. Wonderful resorts and hotels are unquestionably placed directly on the world’s most beautiful beaches. To add to it the ensuring romantic hours and gourmet highlights in a genuine setting just makes your wedding stay absolutely incredible.

The warm welcome of the residents, as well as the breathtaking scenery with its seemingly endless beaches, evoke amorous sensations. You can also look for the mythical “Pirate’s Treasure of Labuse,” which has been missing for over a century, go snorkeling, island hopping, examine colonial antiquities or observe marine turtles.


Unlike most GCC countries, a civil marriage in the Seychelles is unbureaucratic. It comes with an apostille from the Seychelles High Court which is legally recognized around the world.

For the most part, only a few documents are required for a wedding in Seychelles, and they must be in English, French, or a certified copy of one of these languages. A civil wedding on a secluded beach in the Seychelles is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Adding a ceremony to it and getting some amazing with the breath-taking background is just the cherry on the top.


A wedding in the Seychelles can cost anything between 16,000 Seychellois Rupees (about US $1,330) to upwards of 120,000 Seychellois Rupees (approximately US $10000).

Alternatively the country accepts all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club) which means you would not have to worry about issues such as currency conversion and paying your wedding suppliers should be pretty straightforward.


Your wedding in the Seychelles — a beach venus bordered by granite blocks and shaded by palm trees gently moving in the breeze. From local residents that are super friendly, to hotels and resorts to suit every budget; this island has all the pre-requisites to make it a dream destination for most couples.

Our skilled team takes care of every detail – from the initial consultation to the issue of marriage paperwork – to alleviate all of the difficulties and stress associated with wedding planning. To begin with, don’t leave the most important weeks of your life to chance! Second, allow us to assist you in organizing and planning your wedding in the Seychelles so that it will be the most unforgettable trip of your life.

Non Muslim marriage: Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles

Many expats live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but getting married was extremely difficult due to the strict marriage regulations. However everything is starting to look up when the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, passed a decree making it more easier to marry.

Although this does not apply to everyone and varies depending on the situation of the couple; many non Muslims couples whose situations aren’t complicated can actually marry in Abu Dhabi.

Inside Valentines day at the Abu Dhabi court for Non Muslim citizens

Approximately 60 marriage petitions were submitted in Abu Dhabi courts over the Valentine’s Day weekend. Several of them married on February 14 under the new civil marriage statute. 102 marriage applications have been lodged since the UAE Capital passed the new law last month, allowing civil marriages in Abu Dhabi for the first time.

After assisting dozens of couples with their marital journeys, the Easy Weddings team was ecstatic to be featured in the Khaleej Times. Couples were previously offered to marry in Seychelles and Georgia owing to the difficulty of the rules and marriage situations, but now Abu Dhabi has clearly opened additional opportunities for love without borders.

“I had the opportunity to chat with Easy Wedding for my wedding. My situation being a little peculiar, it was not easy to find the right information. Their team was particularly patient and efficient. Thank you again for your help!”

– Emilie Massat, 2022

What does this mean for wedding in Seychelles for expats

Due to the past tough marriage laws in Abu Dhabi; many GCC couples and expats preferred getting married in Seychelles. While the new marriage laws have certainly eased; for a marriage in Abu Dhabi; Seychelles provides the perfect escape from the city life.

Moreover getting married in Seychelles is a lot more easier and the wedding can be legalized in the UAE.

Still wondering about Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles ? Book a call with our team to know more.

People from Oman Can Now Visit Georgia for Wedding

If you are from Oman and want to have a destination wedding in Seychelles but can’t do it because of the COVID-19 restrictions, then there is great news for you. Georgia has opened its air, sea, and land borders for the residents and citizens of Oman. It means now you can opt for your Georgia visa to have a destination wedding. It’s another wonderful place with breathtaking scenery and venues where you can make unforgettable wedding memories. If you want to know more about the reopening of Georgia borders for Omani residents and citizens, then keep reading this article.

Requirements to Visit Georgia From Oman for Wedding if You’re Vaccinated

The residents of Oman can now enter Georgia if they have taken the full dose of any COVID-19 vaccination. They must, however, comply with the following conditions:

  • You will have to submit the whole course of the COVID-19 vaccine with your vaccination certificate issued from a credible and recognized supplier.
  • You will not need to undertake any PCR test
  • If you have a history of traveling to India over the previous 14 days you may be subject to additional restrictions.
  • Pre-registration is not necessary

Requirements to Enter Georgia if You’re not Vaccinated

The great news is that you can still travel to Georgia Oman even if you have not been vaccinated yet. However, for this, you will have to comply with the following conditions.

  • Direct flights from Oman to Georgia, including transportation through other countries, are obligatory.
  • A COVID-19 PCR test that shows negative findings will be needed. In addition, the test must be carried out in the last 72 hours of the Georgia visit.
  • You will have to get a new PCR test on the third day after you arrive in Georgia and you will have to cover the costs of it.
  • You’d also need to submit your trip history for the previous fourteen days by filling up a specific form. In addition, your email, telephone number, address, etc., will also have to be provided.
  • If over the previous 14 days you have come to India, you will have to stay 14 days in quarantine at your own expense after entering Georgia.
  • The PCR test certificate should be issued in Russian or English.
  • PCR testing requirements shall not be applicable to children under 10 years of age.

Concluding People Can Now Visit Georgia From Oman for Wedding

If you’re from or residing in Oman then you can now actually get married in Georgia. This is the official news on the Government of Georgia’s official website. You only have to take care of the mentioned requirements to avoid all the undesirable circumstances.

If you want to get married in Georgia by visiting from Oman then let us know in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you right away. 

How You Can Register Your Seychelles Wedding in the UAE?

If you have completed the wedding process in Seychelles, then it must have been an experience to remember. Although the official wedding process is completed. But the residents of Dubai still need to go through some of the official work as well. They need to get their marriage registered in Dubai so that they can use their wedding certificate to acquire all the perks that Dubai has to offer to a family. Do you know how you can get it registered? If not then you have come to the right place. After reading this article you will learn how you can register for your Seychelles wedding in Dubai. So, let’s dive into it.

Register Your Seychelles Wedding in Dubai

Your civil wedding performed in Seychelles will be recognized as it is in most places in the world. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Dubai (UAE). After getting married in Seychelles you will most probably have the following documents.

  • Authentication letter from the Foreign Ministry of Seychelles
  • Wedding certificate with Apostille
  • Attested wedding documents by the UAE embassy present in Seychelles

Now you have to register your wedding from the authorities of the UAE. You can complete the process by following the steps listed below and the UAE will recognize your marital status.

Marriage Registration Process in the UAE

You will need to bring the documents listed above to the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to get your marriage registered. It’s the main office that stamps the documents in order to make them acceptable by the government of the UAE.

After entering the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you’ll need to go through the security check first. After that, you’ll proceed to the cash counter to tell the receptionist (officer) what kind of documents that you want to get attested to. You’ll need to pay the fee in cash there in order to receive an electronic card. It will allow you to get inside the very next hall where you’ll wait for your token number. Upon your turn, you’ll have your wedding certificate stamped along with an official sticker and that’s about it.

Keep in mind that it is important to respect the local dress code while going to MOFA as it’s the government’s official building.

Final Word on How You Can Register Your Seychelles Wedding in Dubai?

In order to get your marriage registered in your home country, you’ll need to visit your respective embassy or consulate to find out the requirements. It’s not possible to state them as every country has its own set of rules to follow.

If you know someone who wants to get his/her marriage registered in the UAE/Dubai, share this information with him/her.

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