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A quick guide for a civil wedding in the UAE

A quick guide for a civil wedding in the UAE

When couples who want destination weddings scout for possible locations, the UAE is often one of their choices. This country welcomes all who want to visit, marry, or work. But to complete any of these tasks, they need to know the right things to do. Our focus in this text will be to understand the steps for a civil wedding in the UAE.

To marry in the UAE, couples need to satisfy some conditions such as the right documentation. A few other things are needed and this article will explain these in detail. Seychelles is also a popular destination that we will talk about.

What do you need for a civil wedding in the UAE?

What couples need for a UAE marriage is quite simple. To complete their marriage, the couple needs to get their documentation right. They also have to be of age and use the appropriate channel. The following documents should be presented at the Judicial Department of the family court in Zayed:

  • A completely filled and signed marriage application form.
  • Their valid passports.
  • Proof that shows that they do not have an existing marriage.
  • Emirates’ ID, if they have been assigned one.

Note that the approved age for marriage in the UAE is 18 years and above. Also, none of the parties who wish to marry must be forced into the union. The bride and the groom should be willing participants. Finally, the couple should also not be related by blood.

Seychelles – An alternative destination wedding spot

Couples who are planning for a marriage love to have a variety of options to choose from. So, apart from the civil wedding in the UAE, Seychelles is another nice destination. The country’s civil marriage requires couples to have documents like birth certificates, death certificates (for widowed parties), passports, and filled marriage application forms.

The country also offers express marriage so, everything can be finished in one day. The beachy and sun-lit environments in Seychelles add more glamor to weddings.

If you and your partner welcome the prospect of a wedding in Seychelles, book a consultation with our team of wedding experts. You will learn more about the requirements and steps for a successful wedding.

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