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An insight into the life and work of Marco Pross – a wedding photographer|Going to get married in Seychelles and Dubai

An insight into the life and work of wedding photographer in Seychelles –Marco Pross

I am in conversation with Marco Pross, a wedding photographer who loves working in Seychelles. Marco has helped couples amass the exquisite memories for a lifetime. Mr. Pross started his journey in Italy and ever since has been in love with his work as a wedding photographer with his favorite place being Seychelles. This adept individual feels marriage in Seychelles is more than what you can ask for as it possesses an ornamental beauty adorned with dense flora and shimmering white beaches with blue water. Learn more how to get married in Seychelles.

So, tell us who is Marco Pross and how did you become a wedding photographer in Seychelles? 

Well, Marco Pross is definitely a very big fan of capturing beautiful moments. I have spent the early years of my life in Italy. As I grew up, I found my fondness for photography. My affinity towards wedding photography started when I was just helping another photographer to fill in for the sudden absence of his assistant. It was at that time I realized how much I loved it and how badly I wanted to do this work. I did a few assignments in Italy and later visited Seychelles to shoot a wedding. 

How long have you been shooting weddings in Seychelles?

I have been into photography since early years of my life. I started as a wedding photographer about 6 years ago then I did an assignment for a wedding photoshoot in Seychelles. Since then I have been in love with the place and have been working here on and off on various assignments as a wedding photographer for a little more than 4 years. 

Tell us Marco, why do you love photographing weddings in Seychelles over other destinations?

Seychelles has spectacular beaches strewn with pink granite rocks with the base of glistening white sand beaches and majestic turquoise colored water from the Indian ocean making an awe-inspiring backdrop. The captivating beauty makes you fall in love with the place and obviously the soft breeze carries the romance in its arms and makes Seychelles, the most beautiful wedding destination. Seychelles adds colors which just culminates the emotions you are trying to capture making the picture more dramatic while keeping the emotions real. 

From where does Mr. M. Pross draw inspiration and get ideas for wedding photography work?

I draw my inspiration from everything artistic, especially paintings. I consider my camera as an empty canvas and visualize what would appeal to me and try to recreate that in the wedding pictures. I also lay emphasis on capturing candid moments so that the couple can keep revisiting their special day with each moment captured in the right essence. 

What challenges do you face while shooting wedding photographs for marriage in Seychelles?

I would not like to call them challenges, they are the thrills of my work as a wedding photographer. Some of these thrills are personalities, lighting, schedules etc. These make your work fun and is a part of your growth process as a wedding photographer. Each one of the thrills makes you learn something new about your job.

Where do you see wedding photography in Seychelles over the next few years?

Seychelles is fast turning into a popular wedding destination because of its astonishing natural beauty and alluring charisma. The prospects of wedding in Seychelles entails the demand for wedding photography. New photographers will make their way into the island, but it will be the quality of work that will become the differentiator, the best will still have an edge over the others, as it is believed for all industries.

What is the most memorable wedding photoshoot Marco Pross has ever done in Seychelles?

There are numerous beautiful memories that remain close to my heart and are forever fresh in mind. I would not like to tag any one specifically, but each one of them are unique in their own way. 

Define your work as a wedding photographer in Seychelles in one word.

If I have to use just one word, it would be “Enthralling.” 

Thank you, Marco, for sharing your journey as a wedding photographer with us, especially your love and passion for photoshoot for marriage in Seychelles.

Have you been inspired by Marco’s assignment? Tell us about your passion!

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