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How cheap is a wedding in Seychelles: How to Get Married Cheap in Seychelles?


Wish to have a wedding in Seychelles but skeptical about the cost of the wedding. Let’s ease your apprehensions, a cheap wedding is possible in Seychelles. A wedding in Seychelles is one which suits each one’s pocket and hence you can plan your wedding as per your preference.

Effective approach to a cheap wedding in Seychelles

Let’s take a look at some of the expenses related to a wedding in Seychelles and how you can effectively curtail the costs that will eventually lead to a cheap wedding in Seychelles.

1.       Flight and Hotel – The most important part and biggest chunk of your money will go in booking the flight to Seychelles and booking a hotel for your stay. The average cost of flights to Seychelles is around AED 4000 per person. 

For your wedding, you need to spend at least 3 nights in the country. The price of hotel rooms vary from AED 1200 to AED 6000 for 3 nights, so you can book the hotel according to your budget. You can get a better deal if you plan in advance and make an early booking to minimize your cost. Due to the Covid pandemic it is required to book the hotel from the approved by Public health authority list of hotels.

2.       Local transportation – There are various ways to commute within Seychelles. For moving from one island to another, you have the option of using a helicopter or their internal airlines which obviously will cost you more than other means but you will definitely save on your time. 

Other means to travel within Seychelles are car hire services which start from AED 215/day, taxis which cost around AED 85 for an average of 20-minute drive (Note: If the taxi is not metered, you should discuss the price with the driver prior to the journey.) 

The less expensive means of commuting are public buses which cost on an average of AED 2 to AED 5 per ride. Ferry rides are very common and widely used in Seychelles and the cost varies from AED 75 to AED 262 depending on the island you are travelling to. If you are an explorer and fascinate the idea of exploring around yourself you have the option of renting a bike at AED 40/day. Hence, you have an array of choices and can settle in for something that best suits your wallet.

3.       Meals – Seychelles offers you a wide variety of food to choose from. You can relish the simple local means which obviously will be valued at less price than the continental cuisines that you can go for to satisfy your palate. On an average, a meal for a day will come to around AED 115 per person.

4.       Covid 19 Testing – It is a mandate to get a Covid 19 test done 72 hours before flying to Seychelles and 72 hours before returning from Seychelles. The cost of the PCR in Dubai ranges from AED 200 (in government hospitals) to AED 370 in drive thru clinics and private hospitals. The Covid 19 test in Seychelles will cost AED 184 (USD 50), if the test is done on an urgent basis then the cost is AED 367 (USD 100).

Packages designed for cheap wedding in Seychelles

The wedding packages have been designed in such a way that they can accommodate all pocket sizes. If you are low on budget you can find the desired package for yourself, similarly if you are in for a pompous and lavish wedding you can customize it as per your taste.

Essentials which are part of all the packages – Some basics which are part of all the packages are passport translation, wedding paperwork, local registrar to conduct wedding ceremony, legal advice on Covid -19 prior to travel, legal consultation where necessary, witnesses, UAE attestation stamp, wedding certificate, authentication letter from MOFA Seychelles and document shipping.

Optional bounty to choose from – There are ample number of things you can add to your desired package at a little extra cost e.g. taxi and transportation, religious marriage ceremony, extra embassy legalization, birth certificate support, dinner tours, UAE MOFA stamp, bridal outfit, makeup and hair stylist, wedding photographer and video photographer with drone, wedding musicians, premium venues etc.

Final How to Get Married Cheap in Seychelles?

So, irrespective of what you aspire for your dream wedding, it is possible to plan it in a pocket friendly manner. It can vary from a streak of simplicity to a perfect blend of restraint on budget with elegance or an exuberant wedding.

What’s your style and preference for your dream wedding? Do let us know.

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