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Can you have a Muslim wedding in Seychelles?| Going to get married in Seychelles and Dubai

Seychelles Marriage Dubai for Muslims: Can you have a Muslim wedding in Seychelles?

Are you a Muslim and wondering if it possible for you to get married in Seychelles? Certainly yes, a Seychelles Marriage Dubai for Muslim can be conducted. You will find yourself married in Seychelles and your marriage will be valid under Islamic marriage regulations.

You can also learn how to get married in Seychelles and get the certificate legalized.

Seychelles Marriage for UAE Residents: Civil Marriage Vs Islamic marriage (Muslim wedding)

Civil marriage is recognized by the government and is conducted by government officials. Islamic marriage is called Nikah and is conducted in the presence of Imam. 

Islamic marriage conducted is valid in all the Islamic countries. Hence if you plan to live in an Islamic country, you can have a Nikah which is governed by Islamic marriages regulations e.g Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

In case you want a wedding certificate which is valid and acceptable worldwide, you will need to have a civil marriage as well.

Requisites for Muslim wedding (Nikah Ceremony) in Seychelles

There are few scenarios which we should be looking at closely when talking about Muslim weddings in Seychelles.

1.       Both the bride and the groom are Muslims – This is the simplest and only a consent letter is required from the guardian of the bride for allowing her to marry.

2.       Muslim groom and non-Muslim bride – In this case the Imam can act as the guardian of the bride and the wedding can take place.

3.       Non-Muslim groom and Muslim bride – The groom needs to convert to Islam prior to the wedding and the Imam can still represent as the guardian of the bride. In case the groom does not wish to convert to Islam, then they cannot have a religious wedding, but can go ahead with a civil wedding in Seychelles.

In addition to the above, both the bride and the groom will be required to have their original passports to get married in Seychelles.

How will the Muslim wedding take place in Seychelles?

There are two mosques in Seychelles where the wedding can be performed. The wedding will be conducted by the Imam in the presence of two male Muslim witnesses. The Imam will have to be informed earlier and booked for the wedding as agreed upon. It is required to have an in-person interview with him before the wedding booking. 

The Nikah certificate will have to be translated and then taken for stamping. We will be there to coordinate with the Imam and handle translation and stamping, so you can enjoy your celebration.

Concluding Seychelles Marriage Dubai for Muslims: Can you have a Muslim wedding in Seychelles?

It is very thoughtful to consider preserving and celebrating our religious traditions, but it would be practical to consider the civil marriage along with a religious wedding in order to have a document which will enable you to trot over the globe and create your nest of love in any country of your choice.

You wish to have a religious or a civil wedding or both, we would be happy to walk alongside in your journey.

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