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How to legalize your Seychelles wedding in UAE?| Is Marriage in Seychelles Legal in UAE

Is Marriage in Seychelles Legal in UAE: How to legalize your Seychelles wedding in UAE?

Seychelles, a group of granitic and coralline islands with lush tropical vegetation, azure water with a backdrop of the pristine beaches, fiesta-like spirit of the place and romance in the air makes it an ideal location for dreamy wedding in Seychelles.

How to get married in Seychelles?

If a wedding in Seychelles is what you have always dreamt of then it is your chance to live your dream. Getting married in Seychelles is much easier than you can think of if you get the right help, and with minimum documents required. The destination is not far and the process is faster than you can think of.

Is Marriage in Seychelles Legal in UAE: The process of legalization?

The civil weddings conducted in Seychelles are accepted worldwide after legalization from relevant authorities. As the expatriates get married in Seychelles, they get the following important documents:

1.       Wedding certificate with Apostille

2.       Letter of authentication from Seychelles Foreign Ministry

3.       Attestation of documents by UAE embassy in Seychelles

After attestation of the documents in Seychelles by the UAE embassy, it is time to get the marriage registered by the Ministry of Foreign affairs in UAE. In order to accomplish this registration of marriage you need to present the above documents to the Ministry of Foreign affairs (MOFA), pay the attestation fees and get it attested.

Once the stamping is done, you have a legal document proving your legal marital status and thus can be used for any purpose in UAE like procuring residents visa, tenancy contracts etc. 

What is the process of legalization of your Seychelles wedding in other countries?

Seychelles is a member of the Hague Apostille convention and hence the wedding certificate with Apostille from Seychelles is valid and legal in all Apostille member nations.

However, if you want your marriage to be registered in your home country, there might be some extra requirements, so you will need to check it with your embassy. 

E.g. Philippines, Italy, Spain and a couple of other countries. In such cases, an additional step would be taken to ship the documents to the nearest embassy, which usually means a little extra charge.

Similarly, the French nationals are required to file an application with French Embassy in Mauritius before the marriage and follow the procedure outlined by French authorities.

Final Word on Is Marriage in Seychelles Legal in UAE

Don’t get bogged down by the process, it is much smoother than it appears, and not to forget, you have our team to help you through this and make your dream of having a wedding in Seychelles turn into a reality.

The golden glimmering beaches beautifully adorned with clear skies and exotic greenery makes Seychelles a dazzling haven for a fairytale wedding.

Are you ready to live and celebrate the most memorable event of your life? Book for your wedding now.

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