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Comparing an easy wedding in Bahrain versus Seychelles

Comparing an easy wedding in Bahrain versus Seychelles

The diverse society of the Kingdom of Bahrain is home to different kinds of people. Christians, Hindus, Traditionalists, etc., can be found there. Often, these people are in Bahrain for their businesses. Some have even relocated permanently.

In the course of their stay, expats might see worthy persons whom they consider getting married to. While this is a commendable milestone, it is vital that the couple understand the laws that regulate marriage for non-Muslims in Bahrain. This article considers this and the option of a Seychelles wedding route.

Documentations and procedures required for a wedding in Bahrain

A wedding between two Muslim persons (one of whom must reside in Bahrain) requires the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificates
  • Premarital screening result
  • Letter of Approval from an employer
  • ID cards and divorce certificate if any.

Other vital requirements for a wedding in Bahrain include dowry payment, and obtaining the bride’s approval. These are very important and must be fulfilled before the marriage certificate is accredited and presented to the couple.

Easy wedding in Bahrain versus Seychelles weddings

Couples seek the best and easiest options when planning their marriage. So, rather than going to the embassy or religious houses in Bahrain, couples can look at the possibility of a marriage in Seychelles. Seychelles has simple marriage laws and that can help the couple cut the extra expenses and stress.

A wedding in Seychelles does not require the couple to come with a lot of documents. The process is smooth and fast. On the flip side, the bride and groom do not have to reside in this country before they can marry. It is a very uncomplicated means for marriage.

Seychelles is a great destination for marriage. Expats couples who want to save time and efforts can quickly learn the marital expectations for this wedding route. Book a consultation with our team of experts for more guidance.

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