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Dubai Vs Seychelles: Is Sharia Law the best way to marry

Dubai Vs Seychelles: Is Sharia Law the best way to marry

Do you belong to different nationalities? Can’t decide where to get married? What are you worried about?

If you are muslim and non-muslim couples living in Dubai find it difficult to get married under strict marriage regulations.It is best to plan your memorable day of life on the romantic islands in Seychelles. Getting married there is far easier and can be legalized in the UAE.

Wedding in Dubai under Sharia Law marriage for International Couples:

For mixed couples, it can be difficult to adhere to Sharia law marriage. Your one partner must also be a UAE resident and must undergo the tough application process. Make sure both parties must be Muslim before marrying or have proof of conversion. 

Therefore, most couples prefer to get married in Seychelles, or other wedding destinations and then registered in the UAE. 

Wedding in Seychelles for International Couples:

Are you dreaming about marrying on the most romantic beaches in the world? Seychelles as a destination place for a wedding is the best choice for UAE residents. 

When you get married at the Seychelles, a marriage certificate in English will be issued. It will be accepted everywhere in the world. A small amount of paperwork is required for foreign couples to marry in Seychelles. You will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate, passport, and divorce paperwork, if applicable.

Take your vows on a white sandy beach with turquoise oceans. It will be the most memorable day of your life!

Conclusion to get married under Sharia Law marriage in Dubai VS Seychelles:

If a Muslim person ties a knot with a non-muslim in an easy-going way rather than Sharia law marriage in UAE. Take a trip to the Seychelles where the marriage process is much simpler as well as, enjoy the cold breeze of beaches that lift you up. 

Get in touch with us to match up with the love of your life regardless of religion.

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