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Easiest country to get married: Georgia VS Seychelles


In Georgia and Seychelles, even foreigners are permitted to marry. The process is simple for couples who know what they’re doing. International couples can marry in both Georgia and Seychelles, despite the fact that they are from different countries and have different cultural customs.

Continue reading to learn more about international marriage in Georgia and Seychelles


Georgia provides civil and religious weddings, based on the preferences of the customer. A civil ceremony is one that is recognized by the law, whereas a religious ceremony is approved by God.

The Georgian region does not discriminate against people of different ethnic backgrounds or religious beliefs. It will let the wedding take place if the purchaser presents all the required paperwork. It is also a signatory to the Apostille Convention, which makes an apostilled marriage license valid in other signatory countries.


Your marriage certificate will be issued in English if you marry in the Seychelles High Court. Your marriage license will be accepted all around the world. It is simple for foreign couples to marry in Seychelles because only a small amount of paperwork is required. Only photocopies of birth certificates, passport photocopies, and, if applicable, a copy of divorce paperwork are necessary.


Georgia and Seychelles, make it simple to obtain a marriage certificate. The marriage process in the GCC countries may take a long time depending on your nationality and religion. Furthermore, in order to be officially married, a flurry of processes and documentation must be performed.

As a result, these two countries are a great site for many couples to exchange vows and marry.

Still, undecided between Georgia and Seychelles, or have a few questions about the process? We recommend that you schedule a consultation with our experts.

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