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Easy Guide for Egyptian and Filipino Marriage in Dubai VS Seychelles | Egyptian and Filipino to get married in Dubai vs Seychelles online

A Guide to: Egyptian and Filipino Marriage in Dubai

Dubai is one of the places of the world where people dream to live because of the living standard and the opportunities it has to offer. Many people from around the world come to Dubai and that’s foreigner weddings are not a rare phenomenon there. If you are a couple with any of the spouses from the Philippines and others from Egypt, this guide is for you. It will tell you the most important requirements and guidelines that you need to know about Egyptian and Filipino Marriage.

Marriage Requirements for Dubai

Undoubtedly Dubai offers countless opportunities to make a living with a very high living standard. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the wedding process is easy. In fact, it’s a long and hectic procedure that can cost you time more than you can expect and sometimes more than you can afford. Find all the requirements and paperwork that you need to fulfill in the list below.

Conditions and Requirements for Egyptian and Filipino Marriage

  • Premarital screening test to ensure that both of the spouses are medically fit to get married
  • Valid permit for staying in the country at least for one of the spouses
  • Divorce, widow or singleness certificate that represents the current marital status
  • NOC letter from Egyptian or Filipino embassy or consulate
  • Both of the spouses must be physically present on the day of the wedding at the wedding venue
  • If a Filipino man (Non-Muslim) wants to marry a Muslim Egyptian woman, he’ll need to convert to Islam first. He’ll also need to have a certificate of embracing Islam approved by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
  • The marriage must be legally registered to complete the process
  • The father or guardian of the bride along with two male witnesses must also be present
  • Original passport and passport size photos must also be presented

Find the detailed guide regarding Egyptian and Filipino Marriage in Dubai requirements in Dubai.

Final Word on Egyptian and Filipino Marriage in Dubai

These are only the basic requirements that the Egyptian and Filipino couples will need to fulfill to get married in Dubai. Moreover, according to their unique situation they might also need to meet additional requirements. They can find them from their respective embassy or consulate. In order to avoid all this hassle, they can opt for marrying in Seychelles. It’s the easiest and most efficient procedure to marry. Additionally, the couple won’t have to undergo any hectic to a long process.

If you know an Egyptian and Filipino couple then recommend them to opt for getting married in Seychelles. It will allow them to save them from all the hassle of meeting a long list of requirements.

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