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How to get married no annulment in Seychelles – Getting Married in Dubai Vs Seychelles

If you’re a Filipino couple and have decided to get married in Dubai, then congratulations. But wait! Have to complete all the requirements and documentation that you’ll need to provide? Have you completed all the authentication and authorization processes that can take days? If not then brace yourself and read a long list of the legal and necessary requirements and and alternative for getting married for Filipino nationals. It might change your mind. Certainly not about marrying but about the choice of place. Let’s talk about it.

Legal Requirements to Get Married in Dubai!

If you know about how couples marry in Dubai then you might have gathered the documents. Make sure that you have all the following ready before your big day. You can find more details here regarding that.

  • Joint affidavit form
  • Marriage announcement form
  • The marriage application form that both the groom and the bride need each
  • Report on the marriage
  • Recent passport size photos
  • NSO CENOMAR authenticated from the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Copies of passport as well as original
  • Birth certificate
  • Parents advice must be authenticated by the DFA
  • Consent of parents which must also be authenticated by the DFA
  • Civil status certificate from embassy or consulate if you’re living in Dubai
  • A premarital medical screening certificate approved by the authorized medical hospitals or clinics in the UAE
  • Both of the spouses must be at least 18 years old
  • They must not be close blood relatives
  • A couple of witnesses with their national IDs and passports
  • The marriage can take place in a consulate, church, and even in Islamic court depending upon the religion.

In most cases as we have experienced, many Filipinos have already married and it’s almost impossible in the Philippines to get the marriage annulment. Therefore for those people UAE is out of question especially for the women who have their ex-husband’s last name in their passport. That’s because a divorce or singleness certificate is necessary to provide. In fact, it’s pretty much out of question in any country’s case. 

Keep in mind that all the situations are different and we recommend you to contact us in order to figure out if there anything that can be done for you.

Verdict on How to get married no annulment in Seychelles – Getting Married in Dubai Vs Seychelles

These are only the most basic and important requirements that you need to meet in order to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos. If you don’t have enough time then undoubtedly this is not the right way for you to marry. Don’t worry, because you have a better option which is not only easier, more efficient but it also provides you with some incredible venues. It’s none other than getting married in Seychelles.

Let your loved ones know about it and recommend them to marry in Seychelles today.

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