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Georgia Is on Red List for Bahrain

Georgia Is on Red List for Bahrain

There is a very important update for people residing in or traveling to Georgia from Bahrain. If you’re one of those then read this information carefully. Bahrain has recently updated its COVID-19 travel list by adding multiple new countries including Georgia.

New Countries on Bahrain’s Red List

The government and the civil aviation authority of Bahrain has updated the country’s COVID-19 travel list and added Georgia, Ukraine, and Malawi. It means now Georgia Is on red list for Bahrain. There are many other nations on this list as well. However, those who are resident in Bahrain from these nations can return back to their homes.

You can go to Bahrain if you come from a nation which is not listed on the red list. But you must wait 14 days if you’ve gone to one of the red-listed nations. However, if you are a resident or citizen of Bahrain, then you’ll be exempted from this rule according to the Government of Bahrain.

Requirements for Entry in Bahrain

You must have a PCR test with negative status, even if you are eligible to enter Bahrain. The test results must not be older than 48 hours. For instance, if you have flown from Bahrain to get married in Georgia, you’ll have to get a PCR test with negative results.

You will also have to spend 10 days in quarantine after arriving in Georgia, and this is obligatory. Moreover, you will have to pay for this exam after arrival in Bahrain via the BeAware Bahrain app if you have to go through the COVID-19 test. It should be noted that the Bahraini government has established NHRA certified quarantine centers. These centers are intended for persons with no fixed address in Bahrain.

On the other hand, those who have permanent residency in Bahrain would have to stay at their house for 10 days. These criteria exclude children six years of age or younger.

Concluding Georgia Is on Red List for Bahrain

The Gulf News channel shared this news and the list was updated due to the assessment of the National Medical Task Force to Combat COVID-19.

Let us know if you need more information about getting married in Georgia and possible alternatives.

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