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Why Seychelles is the best place to get married before moving to Canada

Getting married through the internet Vs Seychelles for Canadian immigration

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, and it has attracted a large number of immigrants. Canada is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to establish a family in a new country. Many couples immigrate to Canada, because of a better quality of life.

But, Is it, that simple to start a family and marry lawfully there?

Internet wedding is not an option in Canada

The process of having an internet marriage and moving to Canada is hard for foreigners.

However, The Canadian government no longer recognizes the virtual marriage. The prohibition of internet marriage was made primarily, to address women’s vulnerability in the immigration situation.

Why Seychelles is the best option to get married?

Expat couples of different nationalities frequently wonder, if their wedding in Seychelles will be recognized, in their home countries or in their country of residence.

Seychelles wedding certificates are legal and valid worldwide. All you have to do is legalize it through your country’s embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Requirements to get married in Seychelles:

To marry in Seychelles The requirements are simple;

  • Birth certificates of both parties
  • Death Certificate of the previous spouse (if widowed)
  • Divorce certificates (if applicable)
  • Clear passport copies of both parties
  • Filled marriage application form

In conclusion to getting married over the internet for Canadian immigration

To summarize, an internet marriage is not recognized in Canada. However, marrying in Seychelles is the best option to obtain a legitimate marriage certificate. The paperwork is less extensive, which is ideal for foreigners, who want a fast and stress-less wedding.

Confused about the wedding process in Seychelles? book a consultation with our team of legal wedding experts.

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