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Honeymoon in Georgia vs Seychelles


A honeymoon delivers your first unforgettable moments as a couple. It establishes the tone for how a couple treats each other and paves the way for marital joy. Not to mention some fantastic honeymoon memories that can help keep the flame alive while remembering. If you are planning your honeymoon, here are two beautiful countries to consider. While planning your honeymoon in Seychelles gives you unlimited beach time, your honeymoon in Georgia can be an unforgettable experience.

The Republic of Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. It is difficult to choose the ideal Seychelles honeymoon destination. There are several gorgeous islands with clean beaches, blue oceans, and lush tropical plants. There’s lots of wildlife to witness, including the seasonal highlight of turtles laying eggs and hatchlings racing to the sea.

Georgia is a little, lovely country enveloped in a perpetual fall glow, has a very different dynamic. It has everything going for it. Georgia, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and one of the destinations on the Silk Road, combines Western and Eastern influences, which adds to its allure. If you need more reasons to consider planning your honeymoon in Georgia, this is just the article for you.

Things to do in Seychelles

  • Relaxing on a secluded beach
  • Island hopping
  • Biking along the coast
  • Meeting giant tortoises
  • Breathtaking hikes
  • Snorkeling & other Water sports
  • Breakfast on the beach
  • Watching dolphins

Things to do in Georgia

Kutaisi: The city, located 230 kilometers (143 miles) from Tbilisi, provides tourists with a great base for visiting the area’s cultural attractions and natural elements. You have the option to visit attractions, ranging from dinosaur footprints to old monasteries and a mythical cave. Visit the Bagrati Cathedral, originally built by King Bagrat III in the 11th century.

Kutaisi Market – Centraluri Bazari is the culinary hub of Kutaisi. This vast traditional market has local sellers selling fruit, spices, handmade wine, chacha (Georgian brandy), and a variety of other products. In the non-touristy Kutaisi market, get a sense of local daily life.

Kutaisi Botanical Garden first opened its doors in 1969, succeeding prior gardens going back to the 1820s. You’ll be able to explore about 800 different varieties of plants, shrubs, and trees.

Tbilisi: a city filled with cathedrals, courtyards, crumbling balconies, and cats. Explore the alleyways of the ancient city, pay a visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, sip wine in one of the city’s numerous wine bars, and end the day with a bath and massage at one of the bathhouses in the Abanotubani neighborhood.

Food: Being at a cultural crossroads has undoubtedly influenced Georgian food. Invasion and trade both left their imprints. Modern Georgian cuisine contains remnants of Mediterranean, Persian, Ottoman, Arabic, and Mongol flavors.

Wine: Every Georgian will tell you that their forefathers invented wine. Georgian wine is traditionally matured in clay jars called kvervri that are buried in the ground. Georgian wines are frequently fruity, rich, and semi-sweet since the winemaking regions are fairly sunny and warm. Among the most notable are the Mtsvane (dry white), Saperavi (the most popular red), Mukuzani (a dry red composed of saperavi grapes), and Kindzmarauli (a beautiful semi-sweet red).

Cost of your honeymoon in Georgia vs Seychelles

The Seychelles rupee is the indigenous currency in Seychelles (SCR) and the currency used in Georgia is the Georgian Lari. Most people who seek a once-in-a-lifetime vacation will find Seychelles toof an expensive location because fancy hotels are costly for the accommodation and food/drink options. A mid-range visitor who wishes to go on boat cruises, stay in hotels, and travel about the islands should expect to spend between $150 and $200 USD each day in Seychelles. Luxury vacationers in Seychelles might easily spend more than $1,000 USD each day, especially if they stay in a top beach resort or 5-star hotel. A visit to Georgia will usually cost between €30 and €35 per person per day about $36 to $42 USD). Food and drinks are cheap (particularly when visiting from GCC nations), public transit is cheap, and the cities are walkable.

Final Verdict on your honeymoon in Georgia

Seychelles is famed for its exotic beauty and offers all of the pleasures of a great tropical vacation, making it an excellent romantic honeymoon location. Its white sand, pure blue ocean, and ultra-luxurious resorts and hotels provide it an ideal setting to begin a new life together on your Seychelles honeymoon. On the other hand, Georgia is just about 3 hours away from most GCC countries. It provides a rich and colorful culture to experience with the best wines and beautiful architectural monuments. It entirely depends on you as a couple and your budget where you choose to start your newlywed life.

Want more information on planning your honeymoon in Georgia, get in touch with our team members now!

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