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Seychelles Wedding UAE: How can UAE (and other GCC countries) residents get married in Seychelles?


A wedding in Seychelles will just be the right choice for GCC residents for an enduring event. The cerulean water with white sand and luscious flora provides a perfect backdrop to your dream wedding. Organizing a Seychelles Wedding UAE is like a cake-walk with the right help guiding you and helping you to build your castle of happiness together.

What documents are required for the wedding in Seychelles for UAE resedents?

The documents required for a wedding in Seychelles are pretty simple. All you need is:

Pre-flight documents:

1.       Valid Passport

2.       Visa is on arrival

3.       Flight tickets for entry and exit into Seychelles

4.       Confirmed accommodation (Vouchers for the same)

Documents required for the wedding:

1.       Copies of your passport (both partners)

2.       Copies of birth certificate (both partners)/affidavit (in case of no birth certificate)

There are a few more details you need to know, but they are quite simple

Are you dreaming of a wedding at the beach in Seychelles if you’re from the UAE?

Now that the documents are ready, let’s just move ahead with the wedding plan. In the wake of recent times, weddings can be organized either at the beaches, panoramic viewpoints or hotel lobbies and not to forget even sunset beach weddings. As per your preference we can contrive your dream wedding, with hand-picked decorations, flowers, cake, arches, a tailor-made wedding awaits you.

How long will it take for the UAE marriage certificate to be ready in Seychelles?

Getting a marriage certificate is not at all difficult as we are there to help you with the formalities and legal procedures. After tying the knot in Seychelles, you can go on honeymoon or fly back home, while we process the marriage certificate and ship it to you at your home address. Once you receive the certificate, you just have to take it to the MoFA (ministry of foreign affairs) to get it stamped.

Final Words on Seychelles Wedding UAE: How can UAE (and other GCC countries) residents get married in Seychelles?

Couples from GCC with different nationalities, religion, faith are welcome to spawn their nest of love in Seychelles and live happily ever after in their abode.

A hassle- free dream wedding awaits you and your partner, just plunge and soak yourself into the beautiful Seychelles beaches and revel in your wedding.

Ready to get married? Just connect with us and let us make it happen for you. 

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