Wedding packages made for the GCC Residents

Our wedding packages are made for the GCC residents. Living in the GCC requires a few adaptations for expats.  Laws & regulations are very unique. In addition, religions & nationalities can quickly become a challenge & the bureaucracy can turnes it into an impossible one. Our company started to solve our own problems. We had to find the best way to live legally while holding different passports. Finding a solution was not easy. Fortunally, we did it! This why, we are now helping dozens of people every month to find the best solutions to their problems.

Paperwork weddings

Our paperwork wedding packages are built for couples residing in the GCC and planning to live together legally.  You may be looking for this option when you are planning to:

  • Live together as a couple
  • Sponsor your partner
  • Have a baby
  • Apply for new visas

If you are still not sure, please book a call with our legal consultants.

Dream Weddings

A few hours away from the Gulf, Seychelles offers you one of the most incredible solutions for organizing your wedding. Our professional wedding planners can help you to have a gorgeous wedding at any location:

  • Seaside
  • Forest
  • Amazing beaches 
  • Outdoors

Book a call with our wedding planners and let’s make your dream wedding come true.

Most common Wedding questions
An insight into the life and work of wedding photographer in Seychelles –Marco Pross
I am in conversation with Marco Pross, a wedding photographer who loves working in Seychelles. Marco has helped couples amass the exquisite memories for a lifetime. Mr. Pross started his journey in Italy and ever since has been in love with his work as a wedding photographer with his favorite place being Seychelles. This adept individual feels Seychelles is an amazing wedding destination as it possesses an ornamental beauty adorned with dense flora and shimmering white beaches with blue water.
Everything you need to know about a Virtual Marriage Vs getting married in Seychelles amidst Omicron

Seychelles is one of the most stunning wedding destinations in the world. It has a plethora of gorgeous wedding settings, and couples from all over the world dream of marrying in this country. However the recent news of the Omicron variant has left everyone guessing if traveling internationally is a good idea.

Let’s just say; it’s not all that bad; you can still travel to Seychelles as long as you are fully vaccinated or travel with a negative PCR test. However; if any of the partners belong to the red listed countries; a virtual marriage would be better suited. Read this article to find out more.

Is a virtual marriage legit

A virtual marriage is very legit and the services were open for citizens around the world. It is now possible to marry whenever you wish. However, instead of solely having a virtual marriage via Zoom, be sure that the technique you chose meets all of your demands.

That’s because many virtual aka internet marriage options come at a price and may not be the ideal fit for your needs.

Latest Update on traveling to Seychelles for the big day

Beginning Saturday, November 27th, visitors from South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe will be denied access to the Seychelles until further notice.

All persons already in Seychelles who have visited these countries in the last two weeks are required to have a PCR test if they have been in Seychelles for five (5) to fourteen (14) days. Those who have only been in Seychelles for five (5) days should wait till the fifth day to do the PCR test.

Requirements of Entry if you are traveling from the UAE or other countries

  • A negative PCR test should be done 72 hours before departure for all travelers entering the Seychelles.
  • To pay any COVID-19-related expenditures, all guests must have appropriate travel health insurance (isolation, quarantine, and treatment).
  • Although no visa is necessary for access to the Seychelles, all tourists must apply for entry via the Health Travel Authorization website at
  • Medical clearance is required for travel and will be requested at check-in. Otherwise, visitors will not be permitted to board an aircraft.

Conclusion on choosing a virtual marriage over a wedding in Seychelles

Until further notice, Seychelles is open to receiving visitors from worldwide countries other than those on the red list. As a result, couples can get married in the Seychelles without having to worry about getting into the country. However, it is critical that the couples adhere to the standards and obtain the relevant documentation and tests before departing.

With the anticipated changes in the Covid-19 guidelines, our team of skilled wedding planners will guide and support you along the route. However, if you are still concerned about the return journey, contact us regarding a virtual wedding.

Still contemplating about a virtual marriage or a wedding in Seychelles; book a free consultation with our team of experts.

Is Marriage in Seychelles Legal in UAE: How to legalize your Seychelles wedding in UAE?
Seychelles, a group of granitic and coralline islands with lush tropical vegetation, azure water with a backdrop of the pristine beaches, fiesta-like spirit of the place and romance in the air makes it an ideal location for dreamy wedding in Seychelles.
Get Married in Church UAE: Seychelles vs Dubai. Legal requirements

You must have heard that the UAE recently came to us with the new law issuance that has made many things easy for the expats living in that region. But the fact of the matter is that there is no very big change regarding marriages. That’s because you still need to get married if you want to live as a Family or want to acquire sponsors in Dubai. In simple words, you still need to get married if you want to completely enjoy the perks of a family. If you are planning to get married in Dubai Church, then read how to get married in Dubai church mentioned below. It might also make you reconsider your decision.

Dubai church requirements to get married!

So, first thing first. You need to stop thinking that getting married in Dubai church is a short and hassle-free process. It can cost you weeks because of the long list of requirements that you need to meet. We have only compiled the most important ones here that almost everyone should fulfill regardless of their nationalities.

Both of the spouses will need to provide the church with the following on their wedding day:

  • Original passports along with photocopies
  • Passport size photos
  • Original birth certificates
  • Original certificates of marital status that information if you’re widowed, divorced, or single
  • One of the spouses must be a UAE resident or at least have an employment visa
  • Two people as witnesses with their passports and national IDs (Not necessarily relatives)

That’s not all. Many countries require their citizens living in Dubai to apply for their wedding in their country’s embassy or consulate. The United Kingdom is one of those countries. Moreover, the embassies and consulates also ask you to get your wedding date finalized with the church before applying. 

Final word on Get Married in Church UAE: Seychelles vs Dubai, Legal requirements

You can easily see that you’ll need to have a lot of documents in order to get married in Dubai church that can cost you a whole lot of time. But the good news is that instead of planning your wedding in Dubai you can always opt for getting married in Seychelles. Not only does it offer you a seamless and quicker wedding experience but it also offers you some exceptional venues.

If you’re looking forward to getting married in Seychelles instead of Dubai church then let us know by commenting down below. We’ll get back to you right away.

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