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How to get a marriage online Vs Seychelles

All set for marriage online? Decided on dates to say ‘I do”? Well, it’s a dream day for every bride & groom for sure. But, before the big day, you should have a hold on the involved legality. You require documents before walking down the aisle.

In this blog, we talk about legal status and marriage online. Also, we discuss the steps to marrying online.

Online marriages got recognition globally in the last couple of years. It was in much demand during the pandemic led to a lockdown and stay-at-home culture.

The Online Process for Marrying

Standard marriage online Requirements

So, the process of online marriage begins with your eligibility. Eligibility decides whether you can apply for a marriage license or not. The requirements vary from country to country.

Let us go through a couple of standard conditions for online marriage.

  • In most countries, the permissible marriage age is 18. Few countries allow before 18 years of age with a parent’s consent.
  • The bride and Groom or Partners should not be closely related to each other. Again, it varies in some countries.
  • Legally unmarried or divorced before marriage.
  • Partners should be in sound mental capacity. They must have an understanding of their actions and consequences.

Obtain a Marriage License online

The next step is to make an appointment with a marriage authority to obtain a marriage license. Most of the offices have re-opened post-pandemic. You should get your appointment conveniently.

To be on the safer side, it is advisable to book your slot beforehand. In addition, some countries have laws regarding how long you can keep a marriage license. So, calculate the days of your online marriage and apply for a marriage license accordingly. Generally, the span of registration ranges from 35 to 90 days and varies according to state. You will also need to pay a fee for marriage license processing.

Marriage document submission process

You have checked your online marriage eligibility and applied for a marriage license, next step is to arrange and submit documents for a wedding.

The list of documents includes:

  • License or Passport as Identity Proof (Check your state requirements)
  • Marriage Witness (differs among States, some of them do not need a witness)
  • Personal Information (Full name, Date of Birth, Birth State, and Passing Date)
  • Documents for Dissolution of Marriage (If divorced)
  • Parent/s consent if bride or groom or both is under 18 years of age

Concluding on Seychelles and your marriage online

Seychelles is one such country where getting married is bliss. With tropical weather and government easy submission of marriage documents online, many couples prefer to marry in this natural paradise. In the US and around the world, online marriage is a new trend because of the support of authorities in a few states. The authority approved the online marriage process with a disclaimer that both parties must interact on the video call in “real-time” and pre-recorded videos of “I Dos” would not be acceptable.

Check all documents, and marriage license, and get your signatures in the presence of witnesses and officiant. And that’s how marriage has done virtually hassle-free.

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