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Latest Update on Unexpected Pregnancy Laws in the UAE

Why marrying in Seychelles is a good option; for unmarried expectant mothers in UAE

UAE brought new reforms last year regarding unexpected pregnancy laws and many other concerns. However the rules of the land was still unclear.

This however has changed and an official statement is now out. Unmarried women who are pregnant would no longer be sent to jail and can give birth with no fears.

If you have an unexpected pregnancy and are not married in the UAE then continue reading this article till the very end.

Main Points on Unexpected Pregnancy Laws in the UAE

  • Pre-marital sex and cohabitation were decriminalized a few months ago by the newest UAE law.
  • The new laws states that pregnant women can now give birth and the child would be accepted as long as both parents get married or decide to single handedly or jointly raise the child.
  • If a warning is raised against any of the above not being adopted; both parents would be penalized.

Previous unclear law about pregnancy in the UAE

The medical insurance and registration of births are two of the most important areas for women with unexpected pregnancies outside the marriage. When a new mother cannot submit the marriage document to issue a birth notice, hospitals can call on the police to make decisions on birth registration with the Personal Status Court. Two lawyers and three hospital employees shared this information.

The official UAE Government website shared the following information in March:

“The man and the woman must be married legally so that their children can receive legal recognition.”

With regard to health insurance, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) policy rules are as follows:

“The maternity insurance cover is not offered for women who are out of wedlock and women who are not capable of carrying a baby.”

It is crucial to highlight that DHA (the Dubai Health Authority) has no intentions to modify these restrictions.

Why Seychelles is a good option to marry

While must get the benefit of doubt that not all couples would be looking to get married. However many couples; might foresee the upcoming challenges while naming the baby, healthcare, education and may consider marrying as a good option.

Marriage is a union of two people; and if you are pregnant with the baby you are already a family. To make this an incredible experience even before the baby arrives; what better destination that the tropical islands of Seychelles.

Not only would you be blessed with good climate, and clear water but even marrying in Seychelles is rather straightforward than most GCC countries.

Final Words on Latest Update on Unexpected Pregnancy Laws in the UAE

The official Reuters website shared all this information after performing research and analysis on the latest trends and stats.

Only two options are available. The new regulations may be stringent if the government wishes to make it a religious society. On the other hand, you may expect greater leniency in the future if a more liberal society is what people need.

Luckily the government has chosen the latter half to ensure the happiness of majority of expatriates that the GCC countries make up for.

If you pregnant in the UAE and looking to get married in Seychelles; look no further and book a call with our team.

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