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Learn how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court and Seychelles


When asked, couples in the Middle East and most parts of the world welcome the idea of a destination wedding in Abu Dhabi or Seychelles. People love these locations because their conditions for marriage are simple and swift. Little wonder then that many couples want to know how to get married in Abu Dhabi.

Given its central location on the world map, couples from all parts of the world can reach Abu Dhabi at a convenient time. In the course of this article, we will learn about the newest provisions that the Abu Dhabi government has made available for foreign couples.

A court wedding in Abu Dhabi offers premium services to couples

Abu Dhabi offers premium wedding services to couples but, to be successful, they ought to follow the directives of the government. The following are some of the fundamental steps that couples are supposed to take when they want to marry in Abu Dhabi:

  • The bride must agree that she wants the marriage
  • The passports of the couples should be ready
  • The couples should have clocked the age of 18
  • If they have been married before, they should provide proof that the marriage no longer exists

If the prospective couple can fulfill all of these expectations then they stand a chance of having their marriage in Abu Dhabi. A wedding in Seychelles also has easy methods for marriage. Couples can fulfill the requirements with many difficulties.

Great marriage destinations for expectant couples

Couples can select any of the two destinations for marriage and expect great results. However, for those in the Middle East Abu Dhabi is an easily accessible location from where they can arrange and plan their marriage. The legal standards for marriage are also aimed at suiting the needs of foreign expats.

A destination wedding in Seychelles is ideal for people who want to explore other places. Only passports, a completed marriage application form, birth certificates, and evidence of annulling a former marriage are required in this instance.

A Seychelles marriage is worth the effort and if you or your partner desire to take a chance at it, book a consultation with our wedding team. They provide expert guidance on such matters.

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