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Seychelles Marriage for Muslims: What is a Civil and Nikah marriage for Expats?


Interested in getting married in Seychelles? There is definitely no problem with a Seychelles Marriage for Muslim. Conducting a civil marriage or Nikah ceremony according to Islamic law in Seychelles will be beneficial to Muslims expats.

In this article, learn more about how to get married as an expat Muslim through civil or nikah marriage.   

What is the Difference between Civil and Nikah Marriage ?

Governing bodies conduct civil marriages, according to the country’s laws. As for Nikah, it is a religious ceremony performed by an imam.

Nikah marriage conducted in any country that practices Islam is valid. This is the best choice for Muslim expats living in Islamic country such as, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In contrast, civil marriage takes place at respective country’s national authority.

For your wedding certificate to be valid throughout the world, our team recommends you a civil wedding.   

How to Conduct Civil or Nikah Marriage in Seychelles?

In Seychelles, two mosques are available for weddings. Along with the two male witnesses, the Imam will perform the Nikah. Keep in mind, to inform and book the Imam earlier. As a result of it, an in-person interview must precede the booking of his services.

For instance, ensure your celebration runs smoothly, we’ll assist with translation, stamping, and coordination with the Imam.

For instance, the process for civil marriage is quite simple. All you need to do is submit the documents and exchange their vows in front of judges. 

Final Conclusion on what is a Civil and Nikah Marriage for Expats?

As thoughtful as it is to celebrate our religious traditions, it would be practical to consider civil marriage along with a religious wedding for creating your nest of love anywhere in the world. As you have the official marriage document will give you the freedom to travel all around the world.

We are happy to assist you with religious, civil, or both.

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