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Tropical Seychelles or Dreamy Abu Dhabi – Plan your expat wedding


Many GCC expats have selected Abu Dhabi as the location for their wedding and honeymoon. However, if you are a Muslim, Sharia law prohibits you from marrying. Furthermore, with Ramadan, there are lesser court dates available, increasing your chances of delay to 2 months. You may look on Abu Dhabi marriage websites for more information.

Having a wedding in a tropical environment Seychelles is a good alternative for couples seeking a calm vacation away from the UAE. In this article; we shed light on Seychelles Vs Abu Dhabi for your big day.

Can you marry in Abu Dhabi or Seychelles?

Tourists and expatriates can now marry in Abu Dhabi provided you are not an Emirati. If one of the partners is a UAE resident, you must perform the following procedures before marrying: 

  • To marry in Abu Dhabi, a woman must receive permission from her guardian, regardless of her age. 
  • Then, proceed to the United Arab Emirates Embassy to determine the papers you will require. 

If you feel there are chances that you are not eligible for your wedding in UAE, an beach wedding with your partner in Seychelles would be a better option.

How can a Abu Dhabi marriage company help you

The company can check the following pre-requisites are available before you register for a wedding in Abu Dhabi.

  • Birth certificates are legitimate.
  • Authentic passport.
  • Evidence of UAE residency.
  • Emirates ID is mandatory.
  • A certificate of good health for marriage.
  • A document proving both parties’ marital status.

Conclusion to Abu Dhabi Vs Seychelles for your wedding

The UAE adheres to Sharia Law, which stipulates that marriage is the only legal connection that permits a man and a woman to establish a lawful relationship.

Marrying in Abu Dhabi has become rather easy for expats. However, if you want to marry in this magical city, beware it could be a bit time consuming in comparison to marrying in Seychelles. Abu Dhabi websites can make your life a lot easier.

If you want to avoid a court wedding and rather have a calm beach wedding; Seychelles is the go to wedding destination.

Want to get ahead of all your paperwork in Abu Dhabi or in Seychelles, get in touch with our team of planners from Abu Dhabi to guide you better.

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