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UAE couples can avail the opportunity of mass weddings


Only UAE natives can register for a mass wedding regardless of where they live. It is smart to embark on your journey in one place if you want a grand wedding and cost-effective affair. The question arises what will expats do in this situation? Read this article and shed the light on the most important decision of life in every way our team can.

Mass wedding announcement for UAE locals

UAE citizens only get registered in this social event of mass weddings where they embody their cultural norms. However, it also urges them to make a strong network among Emirati people. Mass wedding idea comes from its “Fazaa” tradition and can express their loyalty to old values. Taken together, the spirit of solidarity, unity, and brotherhood is also reflected in this type of wedding.

Other alternatives for UAE nationals

To Exchange, the vows in Seychelles are quite convenient for many expats settled out there. Here are a few requirements that need to be submitted:

  • If the country is not a member of the Apostille Convention, then the original birth certificate must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Attach the Celibacy Certificate
  • Attach the Divorce Certificate, if required
  • Obtaining a death certificate for your former spouse is required if you are a widow or widower
  • A Police character certificate can be obtained from local police stations by those living in Seychelles for more than 6 months
  • Permit for staying in Seychelles
  • Attach the passport-sized photo

Best piece of Advice for UAE nationals and other expats

The natives of UAE are able to be a part of the mass wedding because it signifies their cultural values. UAE government has become the helping hand of its young local people. However, expats settling there can turn their heads to other best-suited alternatives. Seychelles is the perfect destination to celebrate their special day. Even so, they will get a valid certificate of marriage in two weeks.

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