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Can You Get Married in Dubai Vs Seychelles on a Visit Visa | How to tie the knot on a visit visa

Can Anyone Marry on Visit Visa in UAE – Getting Married in the UAE or Flying to Seychelles

Because of the very complex and difficult procedure to marry in Dubai, most of the people living there especially expats ask all types of questions about Dubai weddings. One of the most popular ones is regarding people with a visit visa. Moreover people also want to know that how they can marry if they live in Dubai. We have come up with this document to answer this question. We’ll hope that it also helps you to opt for a better option. So, keep on reading to find out how to Get Married in Dubai on visit visa vs Seychelles on a Visit Visa.

Key Factors to Know About Dubai Weddings on a Visit Visa!

Muslim expats cannot register their marriage at the sharia court on a visit visa. Non-Muslim ex-pats should consult with their respective consulate or embassy to find out the requirements they need to fulfill that can vary from country to country. Here are some of the conditions where a visit visa can be sufficient to marry in Dubai.

Conditions to Marry in Dubai on a Visit Visa!

If the bride is living in the UAE on a visit visa with her father of a legal guardian, then the groom’s residency visa will be enough to complete the marriage process. In this case, it will be necessary for the bride to provide her medical report as she is on a visit visa.

If the groom is living in the UAE on a visit visa then the father’s or legal guardian’s documents of the bride will be required. If the bride is divorced or a widow she’ll need to provide the original certificate of her marital status.

The Muslim bride with a Non-Muslim guardian or father will need to provide NOC from her consulate. This certificate must be ratified by the Foreign Ministry.

Final Word on Can Anyone Marry on Visit Visa in UAE – Getting Married in the UAE or Flying to Seychelles

As you can see, that the procedure is long, and unique to every other situation. First, you’ll need to spend time to find all the requirements then you’ll need to spend more time to complete them all. That’s why it’s far better to opt for getting married in Seychelles if you’re on a visit visa. That’s because it’s an efficient and quickest way to marry if you’re living in Dubai.

If you know a couple living in Dubai on a visit visa then share this valuable information with them. It will allow them to make things easier for them.

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